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Chinese dragon cake

gateau dragon chinois 03
For her latest decorated cake my daughter had frustrated me “I want something simple.

This year she competed in her brother challenges:
I know you’re very strong (flattery) so I increase the level of the challenge : I want a dragon (ok)… Chinese (oh)… in 3D (gosh :shock: ). But I’m sure you will succeed. (flattery again !!)

I should mention that this year my daughter is 18 years old!
30 friends in a rented room, I must cook 2 Queens of Sheba.




Tiramisù ice cream

Glace Tiramisù 02Glace Tiramisù 01

There is not a specific season to eat ice cream!
Anyway owing to the weather, seasons non longer exist ;-)

– 4 eggs
– 100 g powder sugar (1 cup)
– 1 vanilla sugar sachet
– 30 cl liquid cream (10 fl oz)
– 250 g mascarpone (8.8 oz)
– 6 ladyfingers biscuits (sponge    biscuits)
– 1 stick of soluble coffee
  (ou 1 teaspoon coffee extract)