Retro fashion cake

Gateau retro 02
My daughter begins to worry about my decorated cake delirium : “This year I want a pure and simple cake…

What a pity, I like colors.
But it’s HER birthday cake !

Gateau retro 01
Two queen of sheba piled cakes.

First error :
Queen of sheba is a non overcooked cake.
The lower cake collapsed under the weight of the upper one.
So I didn’t touch the shape.

Gateau retro 03Gateau retro 02
Second error :
I wanted to cover the cake in one time : the marzipan torn around the top.
When I wanted to cover the top and after the outer edge, my paste was dried up and full of crumbs.

Gateau retro 04
This is why I show you the back of the cake : an open crevasse on the west rim.

But I did it : a pure and simple cake (grrr I have no problem with more complicated cakes !).

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