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  1. Super – superb totul!
    Multumim ca imparti cu noi din experienta si munca ta!
    Romanian (Super – great everything!
    Thanks for sharing with us from your experience and work!)

  2. Thank you so much for putting your ideas on, they are just Brilliant, i have just got one off which im going to give it a go for my grandson, that is the Boat one, hoping to find one of a Plane for my other grandson, again Thank you so much.

  3. Hello
    I hear you share some patterns for free. I’m trying to find where these are and wondered if you could help or even if you are still doing them

    • I share all my handcrafts patterns for free!
      If you are talking about folded book patterns (…) yes there are 20 free patterns on my website. Click on the “folded book” tag on the right sidebar or on the menu tab to find them.

  4. I have see you’re thing’s her on the website and I think it is amazing there is some free
    But I’m from Denmark so I don’t no have to get it right
    Do you have a good advice for me so I can get it right? :)

    • You don’t specify but I think you are talking about folded books ;-)
      Click on the « folded book » tag on the right sidebar or on the « folded book » tab on the upper menu and you will find all the posts, including a tuto and instructions.
      If you want a custom pattern, follow this link.

  5. Hello,

    Thank you so much for sharing your book folding patterns.I just finished the ‘love’ pattern which was very time consuming but worth it! It’s a gift for someone.
    When I recover I will try another one! I think I need a rest from all the folding!!
    Oh, also – I was going to put a picture on my instagram – do you have an instagram so I can credit you or will I just link to the website?
    Thanks again,

  6. What an amazing website!
    I love the cover for your cameo. I have one, too. I would like to sew this cover

  7. I love your artwork, not just the books which are my latest hobby.
    Thank you for your free downloadable patterns, I am now looking for ideas on how to decorate the outside of the books, xx
    Keep up the good work :)

  8. Wow, what a wonderful website you have made ​​here. Many beautiful things
    You’ve given me a whole new passion for my old books. And thanks for the easy to understand instructions you have made on folded books. You are very generous to share free instructions and patterns.
    Although I live in Denmark I often go to your website to look for new inspiration, and I always recommend your website to family and friends. Now I have tried to fold some books and see that you can send a pattern for the word LOVE in book folding. Will you please send it to my email, then I will be very happy. Thanks in advance :-)

  9. Love your website! I have added it to my favorites. I just started book folding and find it very relaxing. Thank you so much for generously sharing your patterns. It’s very much appreciated!
    I also look forward to discovering your sewing patterns as that is another one of my relaxing hobbies.
    I’m very glad I found your site, and will be visiting often. Thanks again!

  10. Thank you for sharing these beautiful things
    I have been inspired to try this and feel I have found my hobby at last!
    Thank you again x x

  11. This website is incredible, and I really think that you’re extremely generous to give free patterns etc. the way you do.
    I visit this site every time I need to relax and take some time to enjoy the world of arts and crafts!
    Thankyou for making so many beautiful craft projects so easy to understand!

  12. Omg what a wonderful site.. Amazing what you Can do…
    Special love your book folding…
    Perhaps you Can send me The recipy by mail???
    Keep up The amazing work

  13. I love your website, you are very creative in many aspects of the art world. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s easy to navigate, you spell everything out clearly for all languages to comprehend.
    Thank you for so many free tutorials. All of us that read your website truly appreciate it.

    • Thank you very much!!
      I try to make a well worth reading website and I have to say that your comment makes me happy :-)

    • There is many free patterns (folded-book, sewing, DIY…), just ask me on the right post wich one you want (some are downloadable directly).
      Please take time to discover my website.

  14. Hello! I saw on a danish Facebook page, a girl, folded “love” in a book. It was beautyful!!
    I hope you can send me the pattern, too! I would be very happy! It looks a little hard, buy I will try:-))
    Have a nice day!
    Best wishes,

  15. Hello, I´ve been looking around your blog for a folded book with the word love, but doesn´t have any luck. Have you done it and if you have, could you mail the description of it to me?
    Tanks a lot!

  16. Thank you for your free patterns!
    I’m a school librarian and my students are interested in creating folded book art with discarded books that say “Read” and “books”.
    We don’t have Photoshop. We would be very grateful for patterns! :)

  17. Thank you for your instructions on how to create a pattern. Im a beginner so very much appreciate how generous your website is with your hard earned knowledge. I also envy anyone that is bilingual in any language and feel fortunate one of yours is English!
    Thanks again or in a poor attempt to be bilingual myself, Merci!

  18. Hello,
    Wants to say only thanks. I´ve found your page about an instruction for books art. And finally I have understood the background and have started with some projects. All were stoked.
    Wish a lot of power for more inspiration.
    Best regards.

  19. Hi I am an art instructor for middle school students and teachers. I discovered this artwork last October and love it. I want to teach to my middle school students.
    Looking at the bear or directions for a word. Love in Spanish would probably be their favorite.
    I am glad I discovered your site.

  20. Hey am from Sweden and I love your page!
    And the link to your page is cirkle around a lot here :D
    Assume “books art” you have done, trying to do the heart now <3..
    It’s a bit difficult to read the discript but I think I will make it :D
    It would be so helpful if you could make a video and show how you do the book arts and how to read the discripts :D

    • Sweden, Australia, Peru, Finland… since I’ve translated my website, this tuto is travelling a lot, I love that :-)
      It takes time to create a video. I prefer keeping this time for my family, my futur job, managing this website… and creating for new posts !

  21. Hello there from Australia.
    My daughter bought a Silhouette Cameo machine last week for scrapbooking but I will have the use of it for applique cutting.
    Whilst I know she has ordered a teal coloured cover, I just loved the carry bag you have made for yours. Are you able to email the pattern? I can always scale it up if necessary, and I think the straps make so much sense, as she regularly goes away to scrapbooking retreats and I’d love to make this for her for Christmas.
    The other thing is, I promise to send you a photo!

  22. Good evening,
    Firstly thank you for sharing all your amazing crafts and for translating into English.
    You are so very cleaver.
    Would it be possible for you to please email me the template for the writing book folding and the bear.
    I would be so very great full.
    Have you any others that you have created ?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards (from the UK)

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