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Chinese dragon cake

gateau dragon chinois 03
For her latest decorated cake my daughter had frustrated me “I want something simple.

This year she competed in her brother challenges:
I know you’re very strong (flattery) so I increase the level of the challenge : I want a dragon (ok)… Chinese (oh)… in 3D (gosh :shock: ). But I’m sure you will succeed. (flattery again !!)

I should mention that this year my daughter is 18 years old!
30 friends in a rented room, I must cook 2 Queens of Sheba.




Handmade heartmade by my “mice”

Mamma Mia 1Mamma Mia 2
Exactly one year ago, I went to Paris with my daughter (my “mice”) to see the “Mamma mia” show.

By herself, she made a cake to celebrate this wonderful evening.

Thank you my darling, it was a special day between you and me… and the cake was very nice and delicious.



Rubik’s cube cake

Looking at these pictures makes me furious.
All the same, I show you this cake made for my daughter’s birthday (she loves this devilish cube).

For the first time I made marshmallow fondant :
Good : texture is pleasant and food colororing is more homogeneous than in the almond paste.
Bad : needs to be warmed to become smooth but it also becomes sticky ! and if you add too much icing sugar it becomes stiff…




Flip-Flop cake

Gateau tongs
At the end of the year, the swimming club of my daughter is doing a picnic.

I had already made a swimming pool cake so I thought “Holiday”.

I didn’t saw when they cut the cake, but it was a multicolored marble cake.
You can see the soles HERE.

Some green and orange homemade marzipan, smarties and melted chocolate.
Strips are made with bristol.



Swimming pool cake

As usual, homemade marzipan.
The cake is hollowed (1″) out in the middle.
Branded marzipan for the stone floor.
Melt chocolate spread onto starting blocks.
marzipan strips for the lanes.
For water, gummi Smurf candies : melt them in microwave oven (cut the red and yellow caps).



Golfer teddy cake

Gâteau nounours golfeur
For a friend who loves golf and teddy bears.
Guess what ? …… almond paste of course !
Gâteau nounours golfeur2
The marzipan teddy is coloured with powder chocolate.
I rolled golf balls marzipan in icing sugar.