Chinese dragon cake

gateau dragon chinois 03
For her latest decorated cake my daughter had frustrated me “I want something simple.

This year she competed in her brother challenges:
I know you’re very strong (flattery) so I increase the level of the challenge : I want a dragon (ok)… Chinese (oh)… in 3D (gosh :shock: ). But I’m sure you will succeed. (flattery again !!)

I should mention that this year my daughter is 18 years old!
30 friends in a rented room, I must cook 2 Queens of Sheba.

gateau dragon chinois 01gateau dragon chinois 02
1st bad : I wanted to melt blue in my almond paste. But as it’s a bit yellow, my color became greenish. I tried to cover this error by spreading powdered cocoa.
2nd bad : failure in the size of the toper cake, that leaves me small place for the dragon’s head.
3th bad : now I find sugar paste in supermarkets, so I wanted to try again. Despite a large quantity of red food coloring, the paste didn’t exceed girly pink.

gateau dragon chinois 04gateau dragon chinois 05
To be honest, she first celebrated her birthday at her swimming training earlier in the week. So I did a test with… homemade almond paste. I found it was much more successful!

Thanks to Pieces of Arendil for her excellent video for making a dragon… in polymer clay!

PS: I still don’t know why my daughter wanted a dragon…

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