Quick fail-proof homemade mayonnaise

Here is my mom’s mayonnaise recipe.

It is quick done and it is fail-proof!!


– 30 g Dijon mustard,
– 1 egg yolk,
– 15 g vinegar,
– 170 g arachid oil.

(to use your egg whites: french macarons, meringues, amaretti or squirrel cake).

Pour all the ingredients in a measuring cup. Add salt and pepper.

Immerse the hand blender with up/down motions until the mayonnaise has a firm texture (about 15 or 20 seconds).

That’s all, your mayonnaise is ready and beautiful!!

It’s asparagus season, yum!

Remember: even homemade mayonnaise can be kept for at least 15 days, it’s chemistry! (in the fridge in a properly closed container).
You will enjoy it in many ways: tomatoes, cold roast, shrimp, potato salad…


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