Piadine recipe

Piadine 01
Flatbread cooked in a pan, the piadina is called “bread of the poor” in Italy.
It can however be plentiful!

Piadine 2
The dough
500 g flour
180 ml warm water (or milk)
10 g salt
2 g baking soda
75 g lard

Piadine 04
Mix all ingredients.
Knead the dough for 10 minutes.

Form a ball and let stand 1/2 hour.

Piadine 03
The filling (you can fill with what you want…)
Ham (cut very fine)
grated cheese

Piadine 05
Cut into 8 equal size balls.
Spread out to the size of your pan.

N.B. : I use a 22 cm crepe pan.
The dough is not very easy to spread and should be fine.

Piadine 06
Put the uncooked piadine on a baking mat, inserting a sheet of parchment paper between each.

What I love about a piadine meal is that eachone cooks his own piadina, for garnish as desired.
So everyone helps!

Piadine 07
Cook the first side of the piadina on medium/high heat.

Piadine 08Piadine 09
Once the piadina is returned, start to fill it.

Spreading topping over the entire surface or concentrated on the half, everyone has their own method.

Piadine 01
Fold in half and eat.. with your fingers!

If you don’t eat all of them salty, try chocolate or… Nutella.
(tribute to its creator, Michele Ferrero, who died today).

Bon appétit!!

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