Auto document holder

Porte-Papiers-Voiture 03
This minimalist auto document holder contains the registration card and the insurance card. There is not the driver’s license, it’s ideal for families where the car driver often changes.

– skai fabric,
– overhead projector transparent,
– bias.

Porte-Papiers-Voiture 04
Cut once the pattern.

With a cutter, cut on the both lines.
(with skai the cuts are clean, no need to overcast).

Porte-Papiers-Voiture 05
Put this piece on a largest piece of skai, wrong sides together.
(No risk of bad positioning, the second piece will be cut after sewing).

Sew all around, 3 mm from the edge.
Beware to lengthen your point, skai is a thick fabric.

Porte-Papiers-Voiture 06
Fold in half the transparents.
Sew the bias on the tops.

Porte-Papiers-Voiture 01Porte-Papiers-Voiture 02
Slide your paper in the transparents and insert them into the slots.
I told you it was easy ;-)

Ask me the pattern, I email for free.

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