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Constellation tee-shirt… and more

– Mum, for Philoute’s 18th birthday, I want to custom a Tee-shirt. It’s a constellation but super cool, I’ll show you!
– Not worth, I see what you mean. It’s in my todo list since 3 years…

We have the same genes ;-)
My daughter has grown up, now she “makes with her hands from the bottom of her heart” (“You help me mum? …“).

To achieve this amazing tee-shirt, take a look at Vert Cerise‘s tuto. She also gives the link to Nasa’s pics, you can hesitate during hours choose the one you prefer.

Instructions for dark fabric transfer paper are HERE.

We are not in Houston but we did it in a scientific way : a ribbon to be sure to maintain a constant distance between all the triangles.

A 18th birthday shouldn’t be too serious!
We personalized a commercial glass of her favorite brand liquor.

Happy birthday Philoutita, consume with moderation!

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  • Philoute

    05 Mar 2015

    C’est Xtra ! Merci beaucoup pour ces supers cadeaux.
    Pour la dernière phrase, je ferai attention à ma consommation, promis ;-)

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