Give credit where credit is due

Recently, I have been regularly asked about the computer tools I use for book folding or cut and fold.
Here is (very quickly!) the story:

– Isaac Salazar is an artist who used books to transform them into art sculpture.

– In February 2012 I was the very first one to conceptualize a technique using the Photoshop software. Tutorial I shared for free on this website. I have been looted throughout the world, without credit to my post.

– Currently, there are several techniques derived from my tutorial and some people sell their software on the net.

For a faithful rendering, my work is mainly manual but I programmed my own computer tools. You will understand that I do not share them, I have been burned before!

You will find on my shop 487 patterns on various themes. I also create the pattern of your choice (fold or cut and fold) and I can transform a photo into a portrait.

UPDATE Resuming a professional activity no longer allows me to offer custom patter creation.

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  1. Hi I just wanted to say I really love book folding I just started and I just love it so thank you so much for your hard work that you put in to it. I have made some Hearts that came out pretty good I just tried a cut and fold pattern that I made myself I came out all right I need more practice with that but I just want to say thank you very much for all your help
    ps I would love to know how you did the Photo I would love to do one of my granddaughter I’m just not sure of how to do that if you can give me any tips I’d appreciate it thank you

    • Due to lack of time this product is no longer available on my online shop.
      My technic allows a detailed portrait and not a stencil one. I’m sorry but scalded by the experience related in this article, this time I will not share my technic…

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