Magic card for painters

I don’t like to offer just a gift card, I like to create a personalized holder.

My niece, young mother, went back to painting and the gift card is intended for artistic supplies. The theme is found and this card is… magic!

A -window = size of your pic
B & C – same dimension as A

1 – 1 cm tabs
2 – 5 mm tab
3 – 2 mm wide slit

Glue a piece of white card stock on C (slightly smaller than the area)

You need a pic in two formats:
– one color printed on card stock,
– one contours alone, printed on transparency film.

If you are not an artist, take a look at coloring web sites, you will find treasures there.
(I found Van Gogh’s Chair and I used Photoshop to get both at the same dimension).

The top of the pic is the width of slit 3 (or the opposite)
The bottom of the image is A width
Make a hole with a paper punch

The 2 pics must have exactly the same dimensions by overlapping!

Fold C over B – insert the colored pic through the slit – glue the tab 2

Place the transparency pic on C – fold A – glue the tabs 1

Pass a ribbon through the holes to bind the two pics and tie a knot.

Stick a pocket on the back to hold the gift card.

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