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Child girly apron

Time goes fast… my niece’s daughter is old enough to help with cooking.
“Maëlys needs an apron, please”.

Tip to match 2 fabrics: wash them together if one rubs off (the decorated fabric was white) => an error which becomes a success like the tarte Tatin :-o

– bib according to the pattern (provided by email on request),
– a 70 cm x 48 cm rectangle for the skirt,
– 1.50 m of assorted bias,
– 1 adjustment loop (optional).

Gather the 70 cm width to obtain 44 cm:
– double stitch increasing the stitches width as much as possible,
– slide the fabric distributing the gathers.

Overlap the upper part, right sides together.

Pinning this way keeps the gathers distributed and allow to sew over the pins.

Sew 1 cm from the edge.
Iron the seam.

Sew a reverse at the top then on the sides and bottom of the apron.

Sew the bias on the sides of the bib.
Sew it on itself to form the strings to tie at the back and to put on around the neck.

I always do my flocking at the end to be sure to position it correctly.

Et voilà, a girly apron easy to make ;-)

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  • Li

    28 Jun 2020

    Bonjour, en cherchant un modèle de tablier pour la petite Lili, je découvre votre modèle qui la ravira.
    Et moi je serais vraiment ravie de recevoir le patron de la bavette, si c’est encore possible.
    Grand merci d’avance.

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