“Flower” folded book pattern

Sonia products a lot and she is very generous : she shares her patterns.

First of a new series : the “flower” folded book.

Notice :
– the book is 16 cm high,
– it is made with 113 sheets.

Fleur Sonia
As previous I have sent, I don’t mind sharing.

Sonia “flower” folded book pattern.

You upload the pattern ?
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Measure your book sheets height, subtract the pattern heigh and divide the result by 2. Add this result to all marks. Count your book number of sheets, subtract the pattern number of sheets and divide the result by 2. The result tells you on which sheet you should start your folding.

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  1. Got a book folding pattern by you. It’s a double line flower pattern. Do you cut the book in half for the 2 lines ? And can’t understand the measurements. What it 10,17cm please.

    • In France we use the comma for decimal numbers. Read those commas as points (I have to correct this pattern, thank you for reporting this error to me).
      This model is made in classical fold, you don’t have to cut the sheets.

  2. If i make the book folding of all your patterns i make may i sell them @ a farmers market? I would appreciate it very much thank you.

    • All the free patterns from my website are for personal use only! They are crafter sharing and can’t have a commercial use (and some of them don’t belong to me).
      If you want to sell folded books, please order customized patterns from my online shop HERE.

  3. This is perfect for a display for a new community library. We are doing a plant/nature theme for a summer reading program. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Though the link is good!
      You may have a problem with your PDF viewer… Look at HERE, you will find 2 links for (safe!) PDF viewer for free.

  4. Thank you soooo much for sharing. Ive been wanting to try, but so few are willing to share. You are awesome!!

    • The “funniest” is that I was the first one to find (and share for free) a technic to fold books like Isaac Salazar!!

  5. This is a lovely flower design and i haven’t seen many. I know we are not allowed to sell or reproduce the design but are we allowed to sell our books when they have been folded them.

  6. I think I will try this pattern as my first attempt at book folding. I have downloaded several of your patterns and am so grateful that you share so generously.

  7. Thank you so much for posting these patterns. I’ve used a couple to decorate our public library (with the proper credit given to you of course!) and it looks fantastic.

  8. I have been asked to do a book folding demo and teach school kids about book folding. Can I use this pattern? The kids will probably gift it to their family. Not seling.
    Also which is your Web site?

    • Just as long as you give your source (my website ;-) ) and there is no commercial use you can use it.
      I’m sorry but I don’t understand your last sentence…

  9. In this pattern the cms for the lower mark is 10,17 but there are only 10 mm between each cm so how can I measure 10,17cm?
    Thank you

  10. Hi. I love this pattern and was wondering I belong to a craft group were we do different projects each month. We would love to do this. Would you mind if we used your pattern. It will not be sold or used for commercial purposes

    • As long as you respect these restrictions of course you can use it.
      Don’t forget to quote my website link to your group… ;-)

  11. I would like to say Thankyou very much for the flower pattern. The only thing is where do I start. Do I start from the left leaf or middle please .

    • Did you take a look at the F.A.Q. at the end of the post? You will find the link to the instructions! ;-)
      If your book has 113 sheets, start by the first one. But look at the “How do I adapt the pattern to my book ?” part.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing, I have not tried any bookfolding yet, but with these patterns I can try to make a nice boat for my father in laws 80th birthday :D thanks again

  13. I love your design and can’t wait to try it out. Thank you so much for being willing to share this lovely flower.

  14. Thank you for sharing, I love the flower.
    It will be nice to give away instead of a flower that dies in a few days.

  15. Thanks so much for the patterns and instrutions – I did well recreating these and going to try creating my own with Photoshop
    My daughter wants one that looks like a Saxophone!

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