“Marie” folded book pattern

serge 14
Great thanks to Serge. He sent me his “Marie” folded book pattern.

Notice :
– the design is 9 cm height,
– it is made with 299 sheets.


For those who asked the “Marie” pattern. Regards, happy Season Holiday ..“.

Serge “Marie” folded book pattern.

Serge “Marie” folded book pattern (corrected)

You upload the pattern ?
Please leave a comment to show you thank for sharing.


Measure your book sheets height, subtract the pattern heigh and divide the result by 2. Add this result to all marks. Count your book number of sheets, subtract the pattern number of sheets and divide the result by 2. The result tells you on which sheet you should start your folding.

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  1. I love your website, I have downloaded the “Marie” Pattern as this is my mother-in-laws name, she currently has stage 4 cancer and I wanted to make this book for her but I’m not sure what I am doing, do you have a tutorial that I can watch? Also is this a cut and fold pattern or just a fold. Thank you for your time.

  2. Hello
    Could you tell me what font was used for Marie and what size was the font for the capital M and what size font for the lower case letters.
    Thank you

    • The font used by Serge is “cooper black”.
      The size of the letters depends on the resolution you choose on your Photoshop file.

  3. Hello!
    I am folding the “Marie” pattern and I cannot get the transition between the “i” and the “e” to look right, do you know if there are some numbers missing around sheet number 240?

    • To control your folds, the “i” ends sheet 243 while the “e” starts sheet 239.
      Several has made this pattern and nobody reported mistake…

      • …but if the “i” and the “e” are overlapping between sheet 239 and 243, shouldn’t there be two different sets of numbers there? This way it looks like my “i” and “e” will be attached to each other.

        • Take a look at my tuto and you will understand why letters have to be attached (and can even overlap).
          If you look closer at your book, the M and the a overlap, so the a and the r!… ;-)

          • Yes, and I have folded the first four letters without problems, there are parts that overlap but they look fine, where there is overlap there is one set of numbers for the upper part of the design and then a new set of numbers (with higher values) on the next sheet for the lower part of the design and then back to the upper part on the following sheet.
            But sheet 239 to 243 look completely different, all numbers are in sequence (upper numbers 5,25 5,1 4,75 4,6 and 4,4, lower numbers 8,75 8,65 8,6 8,5 and 8,4).
            Is it really supposed to be that way? I don’t think the photograph of the finished book looks like that…

          • Oooops, you are right!!
            I have corrected the pdf (sheets 239 to 243).
            I must admit I didn’t fold the pattern shared by Serge…
            Thanks a lot for your shrewdness.

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