“Skull” folded book pattern

Katarina 01
Great thanks to Katarina who send me her skull pattern.
2nd share coming from Sweden :-)

Notice :
– the book is 22 cm high,
– it is made with 153 sheets.

Katarina skull folded book pattern.

You upload the pattern ?
Please leave a comment to show Katarina you thank for sharing.


Measure your book sheets height, subtract the pattern heigh and divide the result by 2. Add this result to all marks. Count your book number of sheets, subtract the pattern number of sheets and divide the result by 2. The result tells you on which sheet you should start your folding.

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  1. Hi there, I am new to book folding and just have a question about where the fold meets the top and bottom of each page. I get the heights but is the fold always taken to the middle of each page?
    Loving the design by the way and I’m sure my sister will love it :)

    • Did you take a look at the F.A.Q. at the end of the post? It gives you the link to the instructions ;-)
      Don’t fold to the middle of each page, but fold following the Upper and Lower marks given in the pattern.

  2. Thanks so much for this pdf. Going to try and make this for my niece for Christmas present. She loves skulls. Best wishes to you !!!

  3. This is just what I was looking for, to make for my grandson. I am so excited to start. I am so thankful for your kindness to share.

  4. hello… I was given your pattern. can you please explain your marks? I see that there is an upper and lower. do you have to cut the pages and how do you messure..

    • Did you take a look at the F.A.Q. at the end of the post? It gives you the link to the instructions and the tips to adapt the design on your book ;-)

  5. Hello, I downloaded Katarinas skull and am confused about the measurements, Im new to metric, but have done several other folded books. some of her marks are 15,25 or 3,85? Ive never seen these in the other patterns
    Help Please
    Thank You!!

    • I’m French, and here we use commas for decimal numbers –> read them as a point.
      To get smoother curves, the decimals contain 2 numbers: 13,25 (=13.25) = 13cm + 2mm + 1/2mm.
      Enjoy folding.

  6. I’m trying skull pattern for my first book folding project. Am I to understand that my first fold would be the middle page and working out to the ends of the book? Is sheet #1 in the pdf the middle start or page 1 from the table of contents and on to the end of the book?
    If the start is from the middle, which next page would be sheet 2, 3, 4 etc.?
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you

    • Take a look at the F.A.Q. at the end of the post “How do I adapt the pattern to my book?” : for exemple, if your book contains 185 sheets, your first fold will be on the 17th sheet (185-153=32/2=16).
      The first line of the pattern is the first folded sheet, the 2nd line is the 2nd folded sheet and so on.
      Enjoy folding!

  7. Thank you for this pattern! I love my skull! Any chance you have any Christmas patterns available?

    • There are some on my online shop (HERE). Click on the “Xmas” theme on the leftside bar.
      I can also create the one you are dreaming about (HERE).

  8. This pattern did not work for me. It looks nothing like the picture. Not sure where I went wrong or if the pattern is wrong. Not impressed.

    • This pattern has been made many times, you are the first one with a problem :-(
      In order to help you, can you send me a pic of your book?

  9. Thank you for sharing your pattern is can’t wait to try it is hoped it turns out as well as yours xx
    Thank you from n ireland

  10. Thank you, will make this one for a dear friend who really likes everything thas has a skull.
    Hugs Berit

  11. Hello! Thank you so much for this pattern. I ‘discovered’ book folding about 6 months ago and haven’t looked back! I’m going to a gathering of elderly people tomorrow to show them what it is all about; I might even inspire some of them to try it too. I love the buzz you get as you start to see the shape emerge. I appreciate your generosity. =)

    • Folding books can become an addictive craft… it’s relaxing and therapeutic.
      For elderly people, if they are “heavy-handed” (I don’t know the english word, but I think you understand what I mean) show them geometrical ones, they are easier.

      • Thank you for the tip. They were quite interested; it remains to be seen whether they want to have a go themselves. =)

  12. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to try out a new craft. The designs are brilliant and so defined.

    • Did you read the F.A.Q. at the end of the post? You will find the link to the instructions post.
      I remain at your disposal if that is not enough ;-)

  13. So the pattern says the book is 22cm high so how do the marks work? it says first page is 8,60 for upper and 9,25 for lower? is the comma like a decimal I don’t understand how you mark the measurements

    • In France we use comma for decimal numbers, read them as a point.
      Did you read the F.A.Q. at the end of the post? you will find a link to instructions…

  14. thank you this will be my first time for book folding, going to have a go for my 17 year old son’s birthday.

  15. Katarina — thank you so much for sharing this wonderful pattern. My son will surely love this as a present for his birthday. :)

  16. I am looking at the pattern , when you have your sizes say upper corner 8,60 what does that mean, I know sounds stupid, but I am trying to figure out how to do it

  17. I’m going to try and do the skull and cross bones folded book for my daughter she loves anything to do with pirates
    thanks for sharing this pattern

  18. Hi. I just love your book art! Just downloaded this skull, and I have to try it tonight!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your patterns!!

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