Loving birds folded book

A very romantic love.

All the calculations are done, but notice :
– the design is 11.5 cm high,
– it’s made with 282 sheets.


⊕ The pattern is available on my online store! ⊕


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  1. I’m confused about how to read your patterns. When it says “upper mark 5,17” does that mean 5 cm, 1.7 mm? Is it the same as 5.2 cm?

    • You are talking about an other pattern than this one…
      Yes in France we are using comma for decimal number. One might have been forgotten, read it as a point!
      5.17cm = 5cm + 1mm + 1/2mm (I guess it’s a Sonia’s pattern, she didn’t rounded the marks to the nearest 0.05)

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