Faitmain – Faitcoeur

Fait de mes mains avec tout mon coeur

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  • Lorinda

    07 Juil 2016

    I’m confused about how to read your patterns. When it says « upper mark 5,17 » does that mean 5 cm, 1.7 mm? Is it the same as 5.2 cm?


      08 Juil 2016

      You are talking about an other pattern than this one…
      Yes in France we are using comma for decimal number. One might have been forgotten, read it as a point!
      5.17cm = 5cm + 1mm + 1/2mm (I guess it’s a Sonia’s pattern, she didn’t rounded the marks to the nearest 0.05)

  • Mags

    11 Août 2015

    These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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