“Pregnancy” folded book pattern

My folded book tuto runs in… Sweden :-)

Great thanks to Lina who send me a pattern.

Notice :
– the book is 21 cm high,
– it is made with 108 sheets.


Hi! Here comes a pattern for you. :) It is a pregnant woman’s silouette. Enjoy!

Lina “pregnancy” folded book pattern.

You upload the pattern ?
Please leave a comment to show Lina you thank for sharing.

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    • I go backwards reaching the half of the pattern when the design is symmetrical (like the heart or the owl). But my folds are always done on the upper face of the sheet.
      (I’m not sure I have well understood your question… :-? )

  1. Hej Lina och tack så hemskt mycketför mönstret. Jättesnyggt.
    Kram Berit
    (Hello Lina and thank you very much for the pattern. Really attractive. Hug Berit)

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