Instructions for folded book patterns

PlierLivre 01
The post specifies “The book is…” :
You need a book at least as high as the measure given.
Read the F.A.Q. to adapt the pattern to your book size.

The post specifies “The design is…” :
The design is without margin.
Read the F.A.Q. to adapt the pattern to your book size.

PlierLivre 02
Mark the top and the bottom of each sheet.
It’s the “vanishing point” which gives relief to your book, it’s the same for all folded sheets.

I usually mark 2/3 or 3/4 of width sheet but it’s up to you.

PlierLivre 03PlierLivre 04
Draw the “upper mark” starting from the top.

Draw the “lower mark” also starting from the top.

PlierLivre 05
With your point, trace as shown on the photo.
Fold the sheet onto lines.

For each pattern, read the F.A.Q. at the end of the post and previous comments…
…they certainly answer your question !!

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    • These instructions are for all the free folded book patterns available on my website (click the “Folded Book” keyword in the sidebar to reach them all).
      You can also find 487 patterns (classic folds or cut and fold) on my online shop.

  1. I just love your pattern for the folded book pages…the cat,. I don’t know how you wonderful crafts people figure these out but lucky for the rest of us you are willing to share..I am very new at this, have only done 2 books but am looking forward to making this for a friend. Thank you so much for your talented work!

    • Click on the “folded book” tag in the right sidebar, you will reach to all the corresponding posts (free patterns, instructions and tuto).

  2. Can someone please explain to me how to make multiple folds on one page, I have purchased a “cat” book fold template, and I have asked the designer how to make the multiple folds per page but have had no response; and really need to know as need to complete the book by this sunday. Am I being thick as there are only two marks to a page, how do i indent say the legs etc. Hope this makes sense. Thankyou in anticipation.

    • If you have two marks it’s not a multiple folds pattern!
      It’s hard to me to ensure the after-sales service of another shop..

  3. I only read english…if a pattern gives 9,85cm how do you find that on the ruler…you have really great patterns. TY

  4. Hi…I want to make sure…if a mark is “1,15 CM”….that means it is 1 centimeter and 15 hundreths? Seems a bit small for a fold…am I reading this measurement correctly?

    • 1.15cm = 1cm + 1mm + 1/2 mm (between two mm lines).
      Some patterns are given without margin so you can adapt them to your book, I think you read one of them to have a 1.15cm mark (check if it’s specify “the book is” or “the design is” and don’t forget to read the F.A.Q. at the end of the post!).

    • It’s explain beside the second pic ;-) : made by two marks on the top and the bottom of the sheets, it gives relief to the shape folds.

  5. Thank you for the directions and the patters you have posted onto your web site. I have found it difficult to find clear directions on book folding until I stumbled upon your site.
    I have printed off some of the patterns you have posted to practice the techniques.
    I also want to thank you for the tutorial on creating patterns. I have only successfully created the word “love,” but I look forward to personalizing more of my own patterns.
    Thank You.

  6. Hi could you explain the markings, I’m so confused.
    I understand you use (,) as I use (.) as decimal point.
    You have instructions :
    Haute 10,17 (cm) Basse 10,25 (cm)
    Is that high 10 cm . 17 mm? Low 10 cm . 25 mm?
    Because if it is, shouldn’t it be;
    High 11 cm . 7 mm low 12 cm . 5mm?

    • It’s 10cm plus 1.7mm (10cm plus 2.5 mm).
      But as I am working with half mm it shouldn’t be a “7” (always 0 or 5), I may have made a mistake on a mark (replace the 7 with a 5).

  7. Can you explain to me how I read 13,85 6,75 14,30 on the cm ruler?
    This is not what we learned in school so I am just wanting to make sure I am doing it correctly.
    Thank you so much

    • I think what disturb you is the comma. In France we use it for decimal numbers.
      Read them as 13.85 6.75 and 14.30

  8. Thank you for your reply, I have looked at all your instructions and I remain confused! Sorry!
    On your love pattern, I mark sheet 31 twice and then is sheet 32 the next page or is it on the back of 31?
    Do I need to draw a margin like your instructions show?
    Please could you send me a photo of just one sheet to get me started?
    Thank you for your help

    • As we are talking about sheet you always work on the same side of you book!
      What you call “margin” is, I think, the vanishing point. Yes you need it : it gives you the second point to mark your fold (look at the last photo).
      Take a look at the Geometrical 2 and you will see the fold steps.

  9. Sorry to bother you, I am looking at the LOVE pattern and I can’t understand how to fold.
    Page 31, I draw a mark from the top 5.85 and from the bottom 6.25, I turn over the page and draw a mark from the top 10.40 and from the bottom 10.80
    What am I doing wrong?

    • It’s because you are thinking with “pages”!
      Each measurement is for a sheet! Take a look at the notice I have made. I’m sure it will help you to understand.

  10. I am trying to learn how to fold letters and am completely confused.
    I used the photoshop – but do not understand how to mark the pages to fold.
    I want to do the word “READ”. Is there any additional tutorials you can give?

    • From what I have understood, you have made your pattern on Photoshop. I think you have also pick all pixel marks and divide them to get centimeters.
      You are on the right post to know how to mark and fold pages and I don’t know how to explain it more…
      Did you get a closer look to photos ? (click on it)

  11. Could u please explain why u mulitiply exactly by 12? What is the conection of the number 12 between pixcels and centimeteres?
    10 pixels are 0.2645833333333cm??? Could u please explain?

    • I have already explain that in my tuto.
      Please read my other posts and, to be more understandable, don’t abbreviate your English.

  12. Hello
    I’m trying to fold “Love” and it doesn’t seem to be working.
    If my sheet is 13cm, what will be the vanishing point ?
    Is it 9cm from right hand side of sheet, and for top & bottom mark?
    Thankyou for your help.

    • If the width of your sheet is 13 cm, mark your vanishing point at 9 or 10 cm.
      This vanishing point is only from the right hand side of the sheet, it doesn’t concern upper and lower marks !

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