Neck warmer

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Last year, my Christmas gifts were knitted, this year it’s sewing time !

Warm and cuddly neck warmers, very useful for bikers…

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For ladies or men, for “freezing cold day” or “like a scarf”.

Tour cou 07Tour cou 08
Ask me for patterns, I send them for free !

Cut your fabrics ((turn the pattern for the fleece lining…).

Pin them right sides facing and sew around 0.8 cm from the edge, leaving an opening to turn right sides out !

Tour cou 09
Cut the 3 corners and turn right sides out.
Pin and sew around 0.6 cm from the edge.

Make buttonholes and sew buttons (21 for my gifts, although I hate sewing buttons!…).

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  1. I appreciate that you offer the pattern by request and would like to ask you to send the pattern to me.
    Thank you very much.

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