“Open heart” folded book pattern

My folded book tuto runs in… Great Britain :-)

Great thanks to Amanda who send me her pattern.

Notice :
– the book is 23 cm high,
– it is made with 115 sheets.


Amanda’s “open heart” folded book pattern.

You download the pattern ?
Please leave a comment to show Amanda you thank for sharing.


Measure your book sheets height, subtract the pattern heigh and divide the result by 2. Add this result to all marks. Count your book number of sheets, subtract the pattern number of sheets and divide the result by 2. The result tells you on which sheet you should start your folding.

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  1. Amanda,
    Thanks for sharing the open heart pattern, it has made a great gift and was easier than it looked to do.

    • All the folded books are as easy! Don’t be afraid by complex shapes, folding is always two folds on a sheet. It’s making the pattern that can be hard ;-)

  2. Hi, I have just become obsessed with book folding. I am googling to get pattern.
    Thank you for sharing your heart. I am excited to give it a try.

  3. Hey thank you for sharing the pattern to heart book.Im new in blogging but I have linked this sight on my blogg. Do you allow me to do that?or shall I delete it?

    • Of course you can make a link :-)
      but you’ve made an error in YOUR link, I can’t find your blog :-(
      I wrote too quickly, thanks for your second comment, got it ! ;-)

  4. thankyou for this template iv folded trees before but nothing else and this look great so im going to give it try for free
    thanks to you THANKS very much

  5. Hi,
    I have just started book folding. My first try was a bride & groom, which was quite challenging.
    I would really love to try out the heart pattern.
    Thank you soo much for sharing!

  6. Thank you for sharing, Going to try this, could you possibly let me know if you start at beginning of the book or the middle? Read some start at end and some in middle.

    • Folded sheets take more space and become quickly bulky, so I always start at the begining. eAnd it’s nicer to fold the sheets the same way.
      Read the F.A.Q. at the end of the post to adapt the pattern to your book’s number of sheets.

  7. Hi Amanda. I have just started book folding I have done the very simple ones bird cage and Fairy house and would
    now like to try something a bit more challenging and would love to try the heart. xx

    • You are on the right page to download the pattern! Don’t forget to read the F.A.Q. at the end of the post…
      By the way, you are on Faitmain-Faitcoeur (HandMade-HeartMade) website on which Amanda had the kindness to share her pattern made with my tuto ;-)

  8. Is it possible to get this pattern sent to me please?
    My laptop doesn’t support PDF files so it would need to be a word file if you could.

  9. thanks for the free pattern just starting book folding only done one but right enjoyed it hope to do many more
    thank you

  10. Thank you for sharing this pattern, I made it this evening, looks fabulous, can’t wait to decorate the book and display in my house

  11. Thanks Amanda, this is just what I wanted to make for my upcoming wedding day, but didn’t have a clue how to start!

    • Did you read the F.A.Q. at the end of the post?
      You will find the link to the instructions post… ;-)

  12. Thank you for the free pattern, have wanted to try book folding, looking forward to starting my first attempt!

  13. Thanks for this pattern I’m going to give it a go as a wedding present for my nephew and his new wife wish me luck first attempt x

  14. Hi amanda thank you so much for sharing your design, i can’t wait to have ago at the heart. Are we allowed to sell our books when we have finished folding them ?

  15. Hey, thank you so much for sharing this design, I am using it to make a present for my best friend’s 15th birthday present! :)
    But, I just thought that I would let you know that I (I think there is) a mistake on sheet 71, where it says mark 1 is 68,8 – which I’m sure it cant be ;) – to everyone else, dont let this put you off, this is a great design which even though is half unfinished in my hands at the moment is looking absolutely beautiful so far if I do say so myself, even though this is my first time trying book folding :D

  16. Thank you for the free heart pattern – if it is as addictive as predicted I suspect I will be back

  17. Thank you very much for the free pattern. This will be my first attempt at this craft. Hopefully one of many. x

  18. Thank you for the pattern.This will be the very first time in trying this type of craft. Looking forward in trying it out

  19. Delighted to have found a pattern to give it a try,have been making Hedgehogs which sell in my local shop!
    Thank you for sharing can’t wait to get started.
    Fruitful Thoughts

  20. Thanks for the lovely heart pattern. I thought this would be nice as a 1st year paper anniversary gift for my friend.

  21. Thanks for sharing! I am very new to this, I was just wondering how it ends up with the folds in the middle? Like how do I do that part? Sorry if

    • Don’t worry if it’s the start, the middle or the end of the shape, just follow the pattern ;-)
      Did you read the instructions? (link in the F.A.Q. at the end of the post!)

  22. I am from Sweden. I want to do a book whith the name of my daughter Ida. Can you help me? Thanks for this side

  23. Thank you for sharing! Book folding is very new to me have only done two so far but am really enjoying it! Don’t suppose any of you fellow book folders have a pattern to fold a butterfly??!!
    Thanks in advance xxx

    • Have you had a look at the other patterns? I think that you would like… ;-)
      Click on the “Folded book” tag on the right sidebar!

    I’ve been searching for HOURS today on YouTube for a tutorial to teach be and found NONE, the looked online and found NONE and finally came to PINTEREST and linked to you! Hallelujah! I was just about to throw in the book, haha!!!
    Thanks again!
    Warmly (Thousand Oaks, CALIFORNIA)

    • Thanks a lot :-)
      I enjoy sharing but I must admit I like reading that my shares are appreciated!
      However I have to specify that this pattern was made by Amanda ;-)

  25. Jag tog del av amandas open heart, tack så mycket. Kommer inte dela det vidare utan använd att vika själv.
    (I took the part of Amanda’s open heart, thank you so much. Will not divide it further before use to fold itself.)

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