Folded book : automate your marks

Once again, a good idea from Serge : an excel file which automate your marks.

Enter your upper and lower marks in pixels and automatically get measures in cm (rounded off to the nearest 0,05 cm!!).


Serge’s excel file

Generous sharing from Serge.

Don’t forget to thank him!!

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  1. Thank you so very much for the tutorials and book folding info and especially the excel and pixel files. I need to read and study it so I can personalize some Christmas gifts this year. I love your website.
    Thanks again

  2. Thank you
    I am a real newbie to this and not sure if I can make anything at the moment. So pleased there are generous people here who will share patterns/ideas and help to give me a chance of finding out if I have the patience to do book folding.
    Again thank you

  3. Hi I am really interested in book folding could you please tell me how I could get a pattern to start me of please thank you x

    • Did you :
      – click on the “folded book” tag on the right sidebar?
      – click on the “folded book” tab on the top menu?
      – click on the “related posts” pics at the end of this post?
      There are a lot a ways to find the many posts and free patterns ;-)

  4. Mornin. I am very new to book folding and have seen several beautiful designs which I think are mind blowing. I would like to make my own, spell out different names ect… please tell me how I can do this. I tried to use the excel sheet that Serge suggested but was unable to type the words I wanted. Is there a tutorial that explains how to use the excel sheet?

  5. Thank you I am new to book folding and have found the site helpful look forward to trying out the excel file.

    • Click on the “Folded book” tag on the right sidebar (or the “Folded book” tab under the header) and you will find all the folded book posts, including the tuto to create your own !! :-)

  6. how do you know what the pixels are, how do you measure pixels…I’m sorry this is all new to me, I am just beginning…thank you so much

  7. Heya :) This is a really cool Idea.
    But how is this gonna help me with my design?
    Because I don’t even know where to start. So how is that Programm gonna know where my marks are gonna be for the letters I Need?
    Coz if you know where the marks are, you won’t Need that program right?
    Or do I understand myself completely wrong? :D

    • This is an help made by Serge for my tuto HERE.
      You pick up the pixel’s measurements and this excel file automatically gives you the measurements in centimeters (and rounded).

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