Folded book tuto (writing)

Book foldingbook folding
Here it is : the tuto to make yourself a folded book.

Whatever you want to write or make a shape.

This tuto is made with Photoshop (you can find a free trial version on the web).

You can make folded book without Photoshop but it’s longer (go HERE).

Open a new file, pixel scale.

Width is the number of sheets.
WARNING : I said “sheets” and not pages !!

For the height : height of your sheets in cm (be careful, the cover can be higher) multiplied x12.
This increase is for the final distorsion (folded sheets take up more space).

Choose the custom shape tool or the text tool.

If it is a word, choose your font and create a layer for each letter.

WARNING : if it’s a word don’t leave space between each letter (each column must have a black area).

In the “view” menu, check “rulers” and “extras“.

Use the “pencil tool“, “square brushes“, size 1 pixel.

Rasterize layer.
Zoom until the ruler shows each pixel.

We’re going to modify areas where the text (or the shape) has two parts on the same column.

For the “L“, the grey areas won’t be changed (vertical lines are not broken).

Keep in mind that each column is a sheet of your book.

With the “pencil tool” (square brushe, size 1 px, white color) erase one column out of two in the upper area.
Then erase one column out of two in the lower area shifting the deletion from the upper area.

At the folding time, you will have :
– first sheet for the upper part,
– second sheet for the lower part,
– third sheet for the upper part…. and so on, until complete columns.

Do the same for letters “o” and “v“.

The “e” is special, because you don’t have 2 areas on the same column but 3 !!

First part ⇒ nothing to change (except if there is a letter before).

Second part ⇒ Erase two columns out of three, shifting the deletion :
– first sheet for the upper part,
– second sheet for the middle part,
– third sheet for the lower part… and so on.

Third part ⇒ erase one column out of two

Fourth part ⇒ nothing to erase (this part is thin… I admit, I am fussy).

Let’s have a look to the full pattern.

Now, we have to calculate all the folds….

Keep your Photoshop document opened, grab your book, your ruler, a pencil… and a calculator !

On this pattern the 30 first sheets are not folded.

Zoom until the ruler show each pixel.
Place guides just before and after the first sheet (1st black column).

The vertical ruler displays 76 px and 81 px…. we have to divide them all by 12 !!
So, folds are at 6.35 cm and 6.75 cm (starting from the top of the sheet).

For the following sheet, move vertical guides.

The vertical ruler displays 135 px and 140 px : folds are at 11.25 cm and 11.65 cm.

For a nice rendering, I recommend to round up two numbers after the point (2 decimals).

For those who don’t want to use a software, you can make your pattern onto a squared paper or a graph paper.
You will have to run all these steps.

If you don’t want (or could not),

⊕ The pattern is available on my online store! ⊕

All the calculations are done, but notice :
– the design is 6 cm height,
– “Love” is made with 236 sheets.

Michelle (Love)Michelle (Love2)
Pattern made for Michelle.

This is what she has folded.


If you want a personalized pattern
visit my online shop


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  1. Hi there,
    I’m curious and kind of stuck here.
    At that part when you said to ‘rasterise layer’, what did you do to make the solid ‘L’ become an ‘L’ with the grids in it?
    Thank you for the help.

  2. The page is super, I’ve earned a lot of help! But, I would like to ask for some help. When I fold a word full of capital letter how many pages should be folded between the letters and how should I fold them?

    • Whatever you use capital or lower case letters, you can’t leave space between them! (cf “warning” in the 4th paragraph). Then you have two solutions:
      – use the cut and fold technic,
      – cheat by using italic (take a look HERE and HERE).

    • There can’t be space between words and your sentence is a bit… too long!
      “MarryMe” can be a possibility.
      In order to help you, I need to know which step of my tuto causes you trouble…

  3. Hi there,
    In the step where you open a new file you say to multiply the page in cm x 12. In your picture the resolution is in pixels/inch. Is this okay or should I change that to pixels/cm?
    Thank you

    • As I’m working with black/white colors and with pixels, the resolution doesn’t matter. Just check that the ruler is in pixels (right click on it).

  4. Thanks for this tutorial, I am really looking forward to trying it out however I don’t have a laptop yet so I must wait!
    I am curious as to why do we times the height by 12? you mention it’s because of distortion… But folding distorts the width… I’m just a little confused.
    On another note, I use an iPad… Do you know of any apps I could use to help me?
    Thanks again for your help.

    • The x12 is to balance the width distortion : folded, sheets take more place, and it’s easier to balance the height than the width ;-) I find this number by making tries.
      I invented this technic 3 years ago (plagiarized by many) but my computer knowledge doesn’t allow me to create an app… :?

  5. hi following your tuto but stuck on the bit where you take away the pixels on the pattern i want to use.. and cant find where i can send it to you to see if im are doing it right… done some of your patterns and they have come out nice.. please help :)

  6. Would love to have the love template for my son to give to his girlfriend for 4 year anniversary. I don’t understand when the measurements on some of the files are not in rounding cm’s how do you do that? Unfortunately I am not totally understanding how to even start with photoshop when setting my measurements. My rulers are in .1 places. What font are you using for LOVE and how do I start when my book is 23 cm (9 in)and 284 sheets (568 page numbers).

    • This pattern (and many more!) is available on my online shop, HERE.
      The font used is Cooper.
      Sorry but I do not understand what is your trouble with measurements setting, can you give me more details ?

  7. Hi, as I don’t have Photoshop I had thought I couldn’t use your tutorial to create my own. After some thought I decided to see if I could use Gimp to create one and, after a bit of messing around and googling how to change the Photoshop instructions into Gimp, I’m on the way to creating one!

    • I know that some adapted my tuto for Paint, but no-one sent me instructions they made :-(
      As I never used Gimp, I won’t be able to help you, but I’m sure you will succeed by yourself :-)
      (my motto is she believe she could so she did !!)

      • I believed and I did! Gimp was fine to use.I went wrong at first because I forgot that it was leaves of the book, not pages! That was 6 hours wasted, including figuring out how to use Gimp! Thanks for the initial tutoring

        • Congratulation ! :-)
          It wasn’t wasted time anyone who has never made mistake has never tried anything new (Einstein ;-) )

  8. hi i dont know understand the first bit when you start with the sheets…i got the height but what would i put for the Width is it how many pages or is it what will be folded.. Thank you.. ps couldnt find any free pattern in your online store.. they where all paid ones

    • The width is the number of ALL the sheets of your book (don’t confuse with pages!).
      The free patterns are now on this website, but there is few patterns for a very (very!!) short price on my shop.

  9. hi can you send it to my email
    cant wait to make it for someone special thanks ann
    I have wanted to try for ages

  10. Hey, can u send me the love to my email? really wanna make this for someone n i tried many time to do it but i couldnt to it n got stuck halfway… so could u send it to me?, or if possible is there a already made photoshop which had I LOVE YOU in it ? im grateful if u could send me =) thank you in advance

    • As it’s said in the post, this pattern is now available on my online-shop for a very (very!) short price.
      I don’t have an already made “I love you” pattern, but I can create it for you, see HERE

  11. Hi. So happy to land on your site, i got so sick of reading all those tutorials..
    i just have one question though, What photoshop do i need to download to do this bookfolding thing? I desperately want to do one, i’ve spent so many days trying to understand it. but i dont know what app to download. I have windows7 i7. Please.. ill be happy to hear from you.. :))

      • Hello again. Thank you so much! :) Please be patient with me.
        I have Adobe photoshop elements 10, i tried doing the first few steps, but i dont know if it is right.. when i click “File”-> “New”-> “Blank File” , there is a pop up box which shows this–> (Please Follow link) am i doing it right? i entered the book height in “cm” and width as the sheets of the book i have. (Height x 12 – 304.8,, Width- 700 sheets in my book)
        and one more thing, i want 2 layers of words in the book. do i cut the sheets of the book as others suggest or fold it alternately?
        Please be patient with me.. i want to give this as a gift.. thanks a lot! :)))

        • Don’t worry, I’m patient ;-)
          Your numbers seem right : height in cm x 12 = 305 / number of sheets (your book has 1400 pages?) But you have to use pixels unit!
          The rendering of the design is good until you don’t have more than 4 or 5 areas in a same column. So it will depend on the letters you want to use…
          For me, keeping the book intact is a challenge. I prefer to change my project than to cut the sheets… ;-)

  12. Is there any way that you can use paint instead of photoshop? As I can’t download photoshop as previously used a free trial xx

  13. WoW! Thank you for the detailed tutorial. As many times as you were asked for a free pattern it makes me wonder how they could possibly follow your instructions since they can’t even read obviously lol!!

  14. I went through all the steps, have all the lines removed where specified. The only thing I dont get, Is making the guides, so I can see the pixel amounts, to turn that into measurements, I just cant figure out how to make it tell me the pixels, very frustrated, spent two hours making this pattern, and Im worried I wont be able to use it.
    Could I just print out what I have made and measure it all by hand? Could you send me your pattern? Maybe Im doing it wrong, or overlooking something.
    The newest photoshop program is a little different than your tutorial.

    • Making a pattern takes time, but I’m afraid about printing your pattern (there may be distortion).
      Send me your Photoshop file and I will take a look (please add a screen print to see how your Photoshop figures it out).
      Don’t worry, we will find a solution as your time won’t be lost ;-)

      • Thank you so much. I completely get it now, my photoshop was set on the side to show inches on the ruler instead of pixels, it was confusing the hell out of me on the last step of your instructions.
        Thank you for your corrections, your tutorial was the most in depth explanation I had seen online. I love your work, hopefully I can get through all the measurements in the next few days and get a book folded!!!
        You’re the best!

          • Hey back again with another question, what size font do you suggest using. I’ve got a few books to make with long names, finding it impossible to use the 130 pt Times New Roman alphabet I have made. How small is too small for the font size? I just want to be able to make some longer names without having to find 1200 page (600 sheet) books, haha

          • I never look at font size, I just fit it to the book.
            For long word not every font can be used. For those kind of word I distort the font and Cooper is the best one for that!

  15. Would be so greatful if you could please send me the pattern for ‘love’.
    Wonderful works. Thank you so much.

    • Nothing! ;-)
      It depends on the Photoshop version, but you don’t need to see the pixels.
      As you have the 1px pen you will see columns when erasing.

  16. Thanks for sharing your talent.
    Can you please share how to fold book pages. I couldn’t find any website with proper details. Would really appreciate.

    • Hum, you are exactly on the post which explains my technic… I don’t understand your question :-?
      PS : please don’t abreviate, I’m not native English!

  17. Hi. I trying to learn to make letters i photoshop, and im just woundering what type og font you are jusing to the letters? :) I would like to have the same as you. I think its a great font :)

    Thank you i advance :) Stine.

  18. Hello, wondering if you can help me I would like to know how many pages the letter L will be and if you can help with any others that would be great. Each letter I’m making 7 and a half cm in height thank you so far I have the letters G a r e t h but of course I need the rest of the alphabet

    • For your letter “L”, the number of sheets for 7.5cm high will depend on which font you choose…
      I don’t make free pattern on demand, but you can order a personalized pattern on my online shop ;-)

  19. Hello. I just wanted to thank you so much for creating this instruction.
    It took a lot of time to find out how people can do these amazing things with books. Then I found your perfect explanation. Great! Here you can see what I did for a friends wedding. Thanks so much again.
    Greetings from Germany.
    (Bigger pic in the “You have made it” photos album)

  20. Thank you for providing the heart pattern for me to download. I’m off to search for the right book to get started. I would be grateful if you could send me the pattern for ‘Love’ as they will make a wonderful display together.
    Thank you in advance.

  21. I found your site and want to thank you for the free patterns of hearts. I’m married 55 years and have just found this new hobby of book folding. I would like to do the love, but can’t do the photoshop thing. You are a wonderful person for so generously sharing your talentD!!! Again I thank you.

  22. This is the absolute best tutorial I have found in hours and hours of searching. Not so much for the patterns but for the description on how to deal with 3 areas in the column. Thank you so much.

  23. Hello what an amazing site you have I’m just starting out an would be most grateful if you would send me the pattern for love and maybe the teddy bear
    Kind Regards x

  24. Hello , As you seem so great St doing book art I wonder if you can helo me!
    say for the letter G how do you do 2-3 may be 4 folds on the same page as I have looked and tryed for months being clueless please help !

    • Scroll up and look at the image of the letter “e”. There are sections like the letter g with multiple folds in the same column. Each fold requires its own sheet. “first sheet for the upper part,
      second sheet for the middle part,
      third sheet for the lower part”

  25. Hi, your patterns are the simplest I’ve seen so far, really impressed.
    I’m trying to make one for my partners birthday, I’d like it to say G&C or G(HEART)C.
    could you possibly help me with that? would be much appreciated,thank you

    • Yes I can help you, but I’m not sure to understand you :
      – you have a problem with a specific step? (tell me which one),
      – you want me to make the pattern? (then go on my online shop).

  26. Hello there,
    Your work is amazing, I’m not good with downloading and making own pattern, but would so appreciate it if you could email me a pattern, if possible that says H♥R.
    Thank you.

  27. hi your work is amazing, I’m not good with downloading and making own pattern, but would so appreciate it if you could email me a pattern for the heart and if possible one that says molly and if its no bother the bear please I don’t know any one in our small village to ask and want to try and do something for my granddaughter for xmas thanks in advance…

    • Thanks :-)
      For the heart just click on the purple link next to the second photo of this post.
      You will find the teddy bear on my online shop for free.
      For the “Molly” pattern, send me a mail giving me the size of your book (but I don’t make custom models for free).

  28. Following these instructions worked like a charm.
    Downloading serge’s excel file makes life much easier also! Thank you for the help!!!

    (Bigger pic in the “You have made it” photos album)

  29. Hi
    I love your work, you are the only one I have found one the internet, who is willing to help.
    Please could you send me the pdf.
    Many Thanks x

  30. Hello, your work is amazing! so talented.
    I would love to do this to. Would you be so kind to email me the PDF for the word LOVE please?
    I cant wait to get started on this project. :-)

  31. hi could you please send me the pdf. i have just made one and already addicted :) off to the charity shop for me x

  32. I found the love design, printed it off and tried to follow the pattern but it came out upside down and back to front,
    am I doing something wrong? I am doing it as a present for my friend’s wedding.

    • Indeed, this is not what you should obtain….
      Did you look at the Instructions post? (click on the photos to see them bigger) :
      – open the book by the start (in the same way that if you wanted to read),
      – follow the measurements tab starting by the first line?
      Can you give me the upper & lower mark of your very first sheet?

  33. hi! your work is lovely!! Would you please send me the patterns for making the heart and the word “love”? I would love to give it a try!!! Thank you in advance!!

  34. Hi
    Your creations are amazing and thank you for sharing with everyone.
    Please could you email me the PDF for the Love and Heart one as I would like to have a go creating them for my wedding… and I have 10 months to practice so hopefully I’ll manage it by then, as it looks really complicated!
    Thanks again.

    • Don’t be afraid, it’s much more easily than it seems. Don’t forget to read the F.A.Q. at the end of the post and the instructions post!
      The heart patterns can directly be download on my website.

  35. Please would you be so kind as to send me the pdf for your LOVE pattern. Thank you, I hope I can do it half as well as you

  36. Hi ! I really love this pattern, my anniversary will be in 3 months and I’m thinking about giving a book with the word “love” to my husband,so can you please send me the “love” pattern?. Thank you so much

  37. Hi I have just made a heart folded art book as a wedding gift for my best friend. I would like to make myself a LOVE one, please can you send me the pattern please?? Thanks so much x

  38. hi
    I came across you site when I wanted to learn how to apttern so that I can make a book for my 3 kids for newyear as a gift.
    The book I have is 23cm in height and width is 15cm but I dont have photoshop to do the pattern can you help me pattern for my son his name is jahan other son farzan and daughter freya.
    I want to learn to pappern can you guide me please

    • Please read the last paragraph of this post : I don’t make free pattern on demand (and certainly not 3 patterns !).
      You can download a free trial version of Photoshop on Adobe website and then follow my instructions.
      If you have a problem on one step I can help you, but currently I don’t know how helping you more than my tuto…

  39. Hi I found your website and thank you so much for the free patterns and I was wondering if you have a free pattern that you can send me that has MOM it’s my mothers birthday in August and I would like todo this got her thank you so much

  40. hi my mom is getting married and they have a monogram and I want to do that but I dont have photoshop and I can’t find how I’m doing if I dont have photoshop
    Please help me

    • You can make your own on graph or squared paper, following the same steps.
      Please read the last paragraph of the post : I don’t make free pattern on demand.

  41. Please, please!!
    Can you make a pattern saying “iloveU”? pleaseee!
    I’m trying to do it for my own but I just cannot make it in photoshop! or if you can give instructions to how to make my own patterns! Please! :(
    I’ll be so thankful!!

    • This post gives you instructions for making your own pattern!
      I can help you for a step but I don’t make free pattern on demand.

  42. Hi! Could you please send me the “love”-pattern? It’s so lovely – I really want to try it out! Looks amazing! Thank you so much in advance!!

  43. Could I please have the pattern for ‘love’?
    My friend Keren is 40 in two weeks and I’d like to do a KEREN but have no software, can you help,please?

  44. When making your own pattern….what type of picture should you use? Line drawings? solid pictures? just wondering.

  45. Your pattern for LOVE is the most beautiful of all i have seen. The font is just perfect! :)
    I would be so grateful if you could send me a copy. Big thanks in advance!

  46. This looks fab :)
    I wanted to ask if you would be able to send me the pdf of ‘LOVE’
    I’ve only just started folding so using the computer seems daunting atm!
    Thank you :)

  47. is it possible for you to forward the template for love please.
    been trying for days to get photoshop working for the word nana and I just get seem to get it right, so plan be will be to make ‘love’
    many thanks

  48. I’m trying to follow tutorial but using ps elements 12. What program you running because it’s not the same, finding it very hard indeed
    Trying very hard to do pops but just struggling so much xx

    • I am using PS CS5. PS elements is a light version of it, but you can download a trial version of Photoshop classic on Adobe’s website.
      Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by “trying very hard to do pops“…
      The first time the tuto can seem hard, but did you try to fold a book with an already pattern? It helps a lot to understand the technic ;-)

  49. Hello!
    I would really want the pattern for the word Love. Is it possible to send a pattern by email? I like your font very much.
    Best regards,

  50. Hello!
    I’d be very glad, if you can send me the pattern for the heart an love.
    That will make a fantastic present for my sister’s wedding!
    Thank you in advance!

  51. Hi, this is a great idea. It´s amazing!
    Could you send the pattern for the heart or love?
    Thank you very much. Best wishes

  52. Hi :-)
    I really love your work, so beautiful ! I’m invited to a wedding and think the love book would be such a nice present. So I would be very happy, if you could send me the pattern ?
    Thank you :-)
    Greetings from Karin, Denmark

  53. Hi there, such a beautiful and lovely idea. Could you send the pattern to LOVE, please.
    Thx for sharing <3

  54. Hello,
    How are you? Your work is so cool.
    I would love to have the instruction to fold LOVE.
    Do you know how to fold numbers? My daugther is getting married and I would like to fold her wedding date also.
    If you know, can you teach me please
    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.

    • Hi!,
      Thank you for answering my question, but, can I ask you another favor?
      Would you please mail me the pattern for LOVE. I do not have photoshop and not very good in the computer…
      If you have pattern for number it would be great too.
      Thank you so much!

  55. hello,
    Could you send me G – letter (small heart – sing) and A – letter pattern? (i want like that G <3 A)
    I couldn’t wait for your email!!!
    Thank you

  56. Hey,
    It’s wonderful things, you can create with books.
    I wish to get the recept for the word “love”. Can you give it to me?
    Thanks in beforehand.

  57. Hej.
    Jeg vil meget gerne eje brugsanvisningen på hvordan man laver den helt fantastisk flotte bog med LOVE. :)
    (Hey. I would very much like to own instructions on how to make the all fantastic looking book with LOVE.)

  58. Hi,
    Can I please get a step by step to make folded book With “love”?
    I love to look at Your work!
    Have a Nice day and thank you!!

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    Have you done it and if you have, could you mail the description of it to me? Thanks a lot

  60. Hi, I think the bookfolding project with love is amazing :) do You mind sending it to me?
    It would be very appreciated :)
    With love

  61. Hello, I´ve been looking around your blog for a folded book with the word love, but doesn´t have any luck.
    Have you done it and if you have, could you mail the description of it to me?
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    You are an inspiration.
    Is it possible to get the LOVE and ❤️ pattern?
    Have a Great day :-)

  63. Hi..
    It is soo beautiful the way that you have folded those books! It is really inspiring!
    How do fold the pages to a heart? Or the word “love”?
    I definitely recommend this page to my friends!
    Really really inspiring. Thank you :)

  64. Thank you for sharing. I would love the “love” fold, as I Think i would look pretty in my baby daughters room :-)
    Thank you for sharing this talent with us
    Greetings from Denmark

  65. Hi. I just saw a folded book with the word “love” in it, and was guided to your website.
    So now I was wondering if I maybe could get the patterns/recipe? :)

  66. Wow the book with LOVE in it is simple amazing!
    Is it possible to get the pattern?
    Thanks for the look :)

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    It,s amazing to write LOVE with the sides of a book…..we are going to a wedding, and I would like to make a book. Could you please mail the description of it to me…. Thanks a lot.

  68. Hello,
    I would be very happy if you could send me the description on how to fold the “love book”. Thank you.
    Bestt Regards

  69. Hello.
    I love the folding book arts. I wanted the pattern of some others words like… romance home. etc… do you share some of the words?
    I got the “merci” from you and I wantet to make more. this art that you make in the books are just beautiful… sorry my bad lettees. and thank you

    • All my patterns are on my website (click on the “folded book” tag on the right sidebar to see all of them).

  70. Hello,
    I was wondering if you have ever made an “I love you” pattern. I am trying to make this for my boyfriend as a present for our anniversary.
    If you do not have a premade “I love you” pattern could I please have the love one sent to me? Thank you!

  71. Can you please send me the LOVE template? thanks!
    I have a book with 354 pages so 177 sheets of paper in the book. Will it work for that?

    • You don’t have enough sheets to fold “Love”!
      Click on “folded book” tag on the right sidebar, and you will find other patterns working for your book.

  72. Hello!
    I just finish to fold the heart. It looks great.Thanks for sharing
    I would really enjoy folding LOVE now . I already have a book with 528 pages. Is it to many pages? My daughter is getting married and it would be my special present for them.
    I also would love to fold the wedding date. If you know how to can you also teach me.
    Thank you so much!

    • “Love” needs 236 sheets (472 pages). Look at the F.A.Q. to adapt the pattern to your 528 pages.
      Surely I may help you if you have any problem to create your own pattern, but if you read the tuto I am sure you will succeed ;-)

  73. Hi
    Loving your designs and have done the heart one successfully. Can you please send me all the free patterns you have?
    I can fill my shelves with more beautiful books!
    Many thanks

    • I never send “any free pattern” I have, please take time to discover my other posts and ask me which one you want… ;-)

  74. Hi I would really appreciate if you would send me the pattern/calculations for “love” as I am unable to access the programs required to do so myself.
    Thank you again so much !!!

    • Please don’t abbreviate your English. My followers are not all English native language ;-)
      You can download the heart on my website.

  75. Hi, could you please send me a pattern for KELLY? She’s my best friend and would like to do it for her birthday.
    I tried to do the photoshop thing, but couldn’t get it to do it right. :(
    But if you could do it, I would be most obliged! Thank you so much in advance for any help

  76. Hi!
    Your art is just awesome. It makes me happy to change a book that nobody may read anymore to a work of art.
    I’m a high school teacher, and in the summer I teach crafts to ESL students. I would love to teach my students the “LOVE” pattern. Will you share it with me?
    IT’s so beautiful, and it is one of the first words that they learn.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing work.

  77. Hi,
    So I stumbled on your site while trying to search for instructions on how to fold books into words for a Altered Book program I am hosting over the summer. Low and behold, I found the pdf of “Love” from Instructables. I am a programming librarian out of Florida – and think that this is just awesome. I wanted to send a ‘thank you’ for providing such wonderful material. Even though I don’t have photoshop, it is spurring me to figure out how to map out other words like “read” and “create”. It is for a library after all.

    • Thanks :-)
      But you are not allowed to share or sell my patterns (or books made with it), they are only for a personal use…

  78. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I found it very helpful in understanding the concept. I have a question though… how do you determine the number of sheets? I know you said it’s not the amount of pages…could you provide more explanation.
    Also I would love to have the “love” pattern.
    Thanks so much!

  79. Hi!
    I would love to have the pattern for the word LOVE.
    so if you could send it to me I would be so pleased…

  80. Hi!
    I would love to have the pattern for the word LOVE.
    so if you could send it to me I would be so happy and grateful.

  81. Hello! I wonder if you can share with me some of your description so I can fold some books.
    I would love to have the words hope, faith, love.
    Best regards from Sweden

  82. Hi.
    I wonder if you have the pattern for my name Sarah I saw a picture on it here. If you have it can you email it to me?

  83. Hello :)
    Can you please mail me the pattern for the Word LOVE?
    It would do me very happy:)
    Thanks in advance!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Gettings from Sweden!

  84. Hello
    you have made a wonderful pattern that I would love to try to make! if you want to share it!
    I try to find letters and numbers also and I want to try to make my own words some day. I would be so greatful if I receive a mail from you.
    have a nice day

  85. Can you please send me the pattern for love?
    I can’t figure out how to do it in Photoshop. Thank you!

  86. Hi!! I have two children, and there name are Tila and Tove.
    Would be very happy if you could send me the pattern for the name on them (excuse me for the bad english)

  87. Beutiful :)
    But sad to say I dont get it to work by myself.
    Would be more then happy if you could send me the pattern for the “Love” folding.

  88. Hi! I really love folding arts but I can’t do the pattern myself.
    Can you please send me your free patterns on my email?

  89. Hi! It’s beautiful!
    I would be sooo happy if you could send me the pattern for Love and the heart.
    Thanks! :)

  90. I really like your patterns and would be happy if you share yours so I can fold many books.
    I´m sorry my english is very bad.

  91. I would like to have the book-folding Word LOVE send to me.
    It was a really nice folding you have done there :)
    I hope you have a nice weekend

  92. Hi :-) would you be so kind and send med the pattern for the word love and the teddybear?
    Would make me really happy :-)

  93. Hi. Could you please e-mail me the pattern for both love and the heart.
    I don’t have a computer at the time but would really love to try this.

  94. Wow lost my words.
    I dont get ps, but can you please send me the letters for “Dream”?
    Thanks :) greattings from norway

  95. Hi.
    I saw a girl posted a Picture of a book she had folded, shaped in the Word LOVE. I would be so greatful if you could send me the pattern for it. I must do the Words manually….
    If you have the pattern for the letters S&F also, I would be happy. Those are the first letters in my name and my husband.
    If you can find the time to help me, I will be jumping up and Down in joy:))
    Thank you.

  96. Hi. I Would like to have a receipt for The heart and The letters Love.
    Very nice Work , I am impressed.

  97. Hei! :) Can you please send me this? :D
    I want to try! But is it a problem of my book is higher then 21cm? :)
    Or is just the text going to be higher up, and not in the middle? :)

  98. Hallo :-)
    This was so cool, I have to try this.
    Can you please send me the pattern of love and the heart?
    Thank you so much :-) 111

  99. Hi :) Your work is fantastic!
    Can you please send me pattern of LOVE and HEART shape? :)
    I did try to download the free version, but it wont download.. Thanks! :)

  100. Hi, please can you send me the pdf pattern for LOVE and the HEART SHAPE.
    I did try to download the free version of photoshop but unfortunately I am using Windows Vista and it wont download.
    Your help would be much appreciated as I would love to give the book art a try.
    Thanking you in advance.

  101. This is fantastic.
    Could you please send me the love pattern/ PDF?
    I will need to do my patterns manually. Many thanks

  102. Hi again, You have been so helpful to so many, myself included.
    I am trying to fold three books into the words Faith, Family, Friends and brother I am not successful at all.
    Is there any chance you have patterns for these words using a capital letter for the first letter and lower case letters for the rest of the words.
    Thanks so much for helping.

  103. Hi — Your work is amazing.
    My daughter needs to fold the letter R into a book for a school art project.
    Can you send me the pattern for an R? She doesn’t know how to fold it.

  104. I was hoping I could find a free pattern for the word – love – or your pattern for the couple.
    My daughter is getting married and she loves books always has she basically has a library. This would be a perfect gift from her mom.
    Also my sister died with cancer at 40 -3 years ago and my daughter really misses her and talks about her not being here for the wedding. I would love to find a pattern for the word JOY that was her name.
    If you could help me I would be truly thankful.

    • ************* WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS *************

      Please give me a valid email address for the answer.

      ************* WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS *************

  105. Hi can you please send me the calculations for ‘love’ and ‘heart’ and any others similar. thank you very much in advance :-)

  106. Thanks for your website and tutorials!
    I would enjoy having the LOVE pattern sent to me by email so I can start folding!

  107. Please send me any free instructions you have available. I’m just starting to fold books and love it!
    Thank you!

    • I have sent you the “Love” pattern.
      Almost all my website is made of free instructions, I can’t send you all of them… tell me which you want.

  108. Hi, please can you send me the pattern for LOVE…..
    Do you also have the link for the free photo shop please? Many thanks.

  109. Hi please could I have the pattern for love as I just can’t master the photoshop way of doing it.
    I would be much apreciative and of course post a PIC of my finished result.
    Thank you in advance x

  110. Hi! I would be so thankful if you could please send me the pattern for the “love” folding..
    Thank you so much! :-)

  111. Please send me any free instructions you have available. I’m just starting to fold books and love it!
    thank you!

  112. I would love to have the “Love” directions. I am still in the very beginning stages, but I want to make this for my granddaughter’s wedding.
    I have seen the directions using photoshop, but I don’t have access to photoshop.
    If I understand the directions above, you will send me page directions if I request it. If I have misunderstood, please let me know.

    • You have a slow learner here. I requested the pattern for the word love with the heart for the “O” and explained that I don’t have access to photoshop. You replied the pattern was sent. I can’t find it anywhere. I guess I need to go back to computer 101. It looks like you are swamped with requests and you have been so gracious about sharing–I appreciate that very much.
      If you can send me the pattern–like your other patterns–I know I can handle that.
      Thanks so much for your hard work and in sharing your talent.

      • I have sent it another time, hope you will receive it…
        But the pattern is with an “o” and not a heart inside.

  113. Hi, I would love the pattern for “love”.
    I know it’s here somewhere but can’t find it. I would be grateful if you would send it me.
    Many thanks. X

  114. Hi! I loved this idea but did not understand how to do the “love” book art. Can you please send me the pattern?
    Thanks! :)

  115. Love this idea. Looks so much easier could you please email me love or explain how to do a date, if possible.
    I would need 12-23-13 if possible. Could you email it and explain if there is any difference between doing this and the words. Thanks.

    • “Love” pattern sent.
      Did you read the bottom of my post? I don’t make pattern on demand!!
      With the tuto you can make it yourself. Whatever letters, numbers or shape, steps are the same.

  116. Did my first folding last night, loved it x
    Please could you send me the instructions for folding the word ‘love’?
    Kind regards

  117. I would love any and all patterns you would be willing to send. I love this.
    And can I get a pattern for CAUSEY and TEACHER

    • I email you the “Love” pattern. For others, please take time to read all displayed posts….
      For custom pattern, read the F.A.Q. !

  118. Hi, I work with a teen organization and we want to do book folding as an art form to honor another non profit organisation.
    How would I create letter patterns for my teens in a quick fashion? We would like to do 1 word per book. The words are educate, empower, and engage.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you.

  119. Could you email me the free patterns that are available (in English)…….
    I can’t wait to try this…..thank you so much!

  120. I think I need this tutorial.
    I am trying but things not working.
    Could you send me pdf by email please ?
    And thank you for sharing,

  121. Hello,
    I used your tutorial (thanks for posting by the way). I made it to the end, however the size of the letters are too small. Does that mean I need to change the font size? I am asking because I input the measurements of the sheets correctly and didn’t know if that automatically calculated the size of each letter. Thanks for your help!
    Second question. On your “LOVE” tutorial, I see you used red lines and shaded areas to indicate the areas that have two levels (as in letter “e”, or three levels for letter ‘e’). Where do I find those red lines?

    • Photoshop doesn’t calculate for you. When you create your file, your are the one who adapt the font size to it.
      For the red lines check “extras” in the “view” menu. Then drag from the vertical ruler to create a vertical guide (check “rulers” in the “view” menu if you don’t see them). To change the color of the guide : “edit“, “preferences” then “guides, grid & slices“.

  122. Your website is wonderful and you are so very generous!
    Would you please be so kind and email me the PDF’s for the “love” and the “heart” patterns?
    Thank you so much!

  123. Hi,
    I love your patterns so much. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.
    Can you please e-mail me your LOVE pattern? I want to fold a book for my daughters wedding and she would love it so much.

  124. Hi, love this idea!
    Valentine’s day is my 11th wedding anniversary and was wanting to do the love book, but I am horrible with photoshop. Could you please send me the pattern?
    Thanks for all your effort and the free patterns available!

  125. Hello!
    I wanted to do this for a valentines gift, but I cant do the pattern on computer. Can you please help ? Wanted to do pattern J+M
    Can you please send me PdF so I can start right away.
    Thank you again

  126. Hello there! I love that you posed a tutorial and appreciate it very much but I am just having some trouble applying it to photoshop…
    Could you please email me the pattern for the word and the heart? And possibly any others you might have added. They would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you in advance.

    • Any others you might have added“!!… Did you search on my website ?
      Notice that I am the only one – whatever the language – to share FREE patterns on the web, I think I am kind but don’t be too demanding : READ MY POSTS… and you will find by yourself the other patterns !!

      • I apologize, I was on a smartphone at the time and could not effectively navigate your site to find the patterns I was looking for.
        I have since downloaded the owl, heart, and 2014 patterns- thank you so much for those!
        I am still trying to figure out photoshop for myself though, could you please email me your LOVE pattern? I did not see this one anywhere on your site….

  127. Thank you for sharing all of your patterns and directions! It is very generous of you.
    Since I would like to make my own designs, can you please explain how to use Excel to convert the pixels to centimeters? I have some Excel experience (not a lot) but I think it would be helpful to learn this. I am just not understanding the transition from Photoshop to Excel.
    Many thanks.

    • When I share a pattern, I give the 2 columns with centimeters that Excel had calculate for me (divide by 12).
      But you don’t see the 2 columns I manually picked from my Photoshop file… (see photo 13).
      Excel is just an automatic calculator

      • Thank you for answering my question so quickly.
        So I understand that we multiply and divide by 12 to avoid distortion, but why “12”? Where does the 12 come from? Are there 12 pixels per centimeter? If not, please tell me how many pixels there are per centimeter. (Sorry I can’t ask my question in French. My French is too rusty…)
        By the way, is there a link to the LOVE pattern? I notice people asking you to send it, but I hate to trouble you any more than I already have.
        Thank you again for your time and attention. You are very kind.

        • The 12 comes from my mind… and several tries ;-) With this coefficient I can see those who copy my tuto and sell it !
          I have 39 1/3 pixels per centimeter (you won’t find the logic with the 12 :-) ).
          I send you the LOVE pattern by email.

          • Thank you for your quick answers once again.
            I will now need to learn more about Photoshop to succeed.
            Many thanks, too, for the LOVE pattern. I appreciate it very much.

  128. Hi!
    I was spending hours with trying to find how to make these. I saw a few pattern and definitely these are the bests!!!!! I was shocked! Amazing job!
    Can you send me the pattern of the word: CREATE, I would be really really happy if I could make one.
    Thanks a lot!

  129. Hiya
    Could you please tell me what version of photoshop you use (in the screen shots above)
    I have down loaded a version but it does not seem to have some of the steps that are shown above
    Thank you x

    • I use Photoshop CS5.1, but it shouldn’t change functions…
      Which version do you have and for which steps do you have changes ?

  130. Thankyou for sharing your creations.
    I am just a beginner and would love the pattern for the word ” LOVE “, is it possible to send it to me by email?

  131. This is brilliant !
    I bought a pattern, and am trying to make my own. Sadly I just cannot do it, I have Photoshop elements and have been trying all week I could scream! Guess I will just have to buy more patterns.

  132. Hi,
    I’m impressed of your work, it’s amazing. Congrats!!!
    P.S. : could you please send me the pattern for the heart and love? Thanks in advance!
    I have to admite, with shame, that I dont know how to use photoshop, and if it’s not much what I’m asking, could you please send me a patern for the word MITHAL (it’s my mother’s name and I’d like to surprise her). Thank you very much. Hope you’ll help me.
    Congrats again!

  133. Hi Good day sir.
    I am amazed that I found a free pattern for book folding/sculpture
    Hope to have a pattern of the HEART shape and the word “LOVE”
    Thank you so much sir

  134. Bonjour!
    Please could you kindly mail me the heart, love and teddy bear patterns.
    It is very kind of you to offer these for free.
    Thank you and the web-site is beautiful xx

  135. Hello, what a fabulous website do you have.
    I have already made the heart and the butterfly. Now I want to try letters.
    I see that you have the pattern of the word “love” and “heart”
    I would love to try to make this.
    May I ask you to send me the patterns?
    Thank you very much ;-)

  136. I am so in love with these books that I want to use them in my wedding.
    Would it be possible for you to send me the “love” PDF pattern?
    There is no rush, but if you could email it to me that would be absolutely lovely.
    Thank you for your time.

  137. Can you please send me the PDF for the “love” and the “heart” pattern for books
    Thank you in advance

  138. Can you share some more info on the actual folding? Like keeping the angle correct? I looked at the geometrical books but is the concept the same? I don’t think so because we calculated all the marks for folding. But now what? I understand where to start folding but I’m not sure on how to do it.
    I made a pattern for a birthday gift so I want to get it right. When working on the pattern I had some troubles with selecting a font that will work, do you have a favourite font to work with? lol Also can you mail me the love and bear pattern? Thank you for all your hard work!

    • This tuto gives you the technic to calculate all the right book side marks.
      For upper and lower sides, it depends on your book width. I usually make the mark on 3/4 of the width (the same for all folded sheets).
      I think it is what you call “angle”. If it’s not, sorry I didn’t understand your question…
      For the font : “Love” and “Roman” are made with cooper, Serge made “Inès” with ravie.
      I don’t remember which one I used for “Julien” (I have re-installed my computer and lost all my font file :-().

      • Thank you so much for the fast reply. You understood my question about the angle perfectly. I understand now. But I have one more question about placement. As I look at the word love it is in the middle of the book. The folds are visible above and below the word. But if I look at Julien the folds seem less visible. I understand the letter J takes up more height but is the name lower on the pages? I think the books look prettier when the folds below the word are less visible.

        Thank you for all your help and tutorials.

        • I did it!!! It took about 4 days. It is not perfect but its still pretty. I have Photoshop elements and it doesnt have the guides, making it very difficult to see where the collum starts or ends. I think this slowed me down and making it hard to be accurate. So I will try Adobe illustrator next. I saw some use excel so maybe I can try that.
          One last question my book won’t stand on its own. Is that because of the size of the book its somewhat square. I see books online that stand on their own I wanted that to. I will try a rectangle book next time.
          Thank you for all your help!!

          • Congratulations !
            Excel is a spreadsheet used to convert pixels measurements to centimeters ! (and to create a Pdf to share the pattern ;-)).
            I don’t understand why your book doesn’t stand on its own. Sometimes, the book is too much opened but I have never heard of a fallen folded book…

  139. Hello!
    Thank you for the tutorial!
    Could you please send the PDF for “love” and any other patterns available? I have downloaded the heart pattern already.
    Thanks again!

  140. Hi,
    Your work is fantastic, I am doing all handmade family xmas gifts this year but it is difficult for men. I would like to give this a go for my dad, do you have a pattern already for the word Dad?
    Unfortunately I am unable to create the pattern myself :-(
    Thank you in anticipation

    • No I don’t have this pattern.
      Click on the “folded book” tag on the right sidebar.
      You can offer him a geometrical folded book, “Love”, a heart, a butterfly, “2014”, a cat, a teddy bear or a stiletto shoe

  141. Hello! Could you please send me the pdf pattern of “Love” & the heart.
    I hope when I try this, that it turns out as well yours!

  142. I like to get your free patternof the folding book love.
    Could you please send it to me. I would be very thankfull for that.

  143. Can you please send me the pdf file for the word love ?
    I’m doing an art project that is requiring me to make something out of a book and this intrigued me.

  144. Your work is amazing!
    I would be most grateful for any free “word” patterns you have for book folding.I’d like to practice before I attempt to create my own.
    I work in a retirement community and this would be a lovely piece of art for our library!
    Thanks in advance.

  145. Hi,
    Likely a very silly question coming up:
    You have kindly sent me the pattern but I was wondering if you could tell me how to convert the template from a 21cm book to a 23.3cm book?
    Am I being silly to think it is as simple as just adding half the difference to each of the measurements or is it more complex?

    • In France we say : “there’s no silly question… but stupid answers !” ;-)
      The proof is that you are right, it’s as simple as you said : just add half the difference to all marks.
      Do the same if you have more sheets than the pattern.

  146. Hi! I would like to fold a book into the word love.
    Could you please send me the pdf Love by email? Thanx =)

  147. Hey!
    Thanks for the tutorial! It really helped a lot!
    I was wondering if you could send me the PDF please! I want to get started right away!
    Thank you!

  148. Will you please email me copies the word love PDF?
    If you would like to send all others you have that would be awesome.
    I have downloaded the one for the heart already.

  149. Your mode of describing everything in this piece of writing is genuinely pleasant, all be able to effortlessly know it,
    Thanks a lot.

  150. Hi,
    This looks fantastic. Would be great to get the PDF if possible, to give this a go and help me make sure I understand it before trying my own design.
    Thank you!

  151. Hi – I would be most grateful for any free patterns you have for book folding.
    Unfortunately I don’t currently have a computer to create my own.
    Any words would be fantastic!

  152. Bonjour,
    Great site, I Love the tutorials.
    Could you please send me the pdf about the folded book, both Love and the heart please?

  153. Please can you send me the pattern of the bookfolding with the word LOVE?
    I would be so thankful :)
    Best regards

  154. Hey, I really love your work and I really would like to do the love pattern. It would be great if you could send me the pdf for “love”.
    Thanks in advance!

  155. Hi
    I would like to make the one with “LOVE”, but I am not sure what to do, and how do I know how the pages have to be fold ?
    And if you can send me the PDF, maybe I will understand then :)
    Thank you for your time.

      • Hi, thank you for sending the PDF.
        I tried to start, but I am not sure, for the upper mark do I measure from top till middle and then lower mark from down till middle ?
        I tried and I think it looks funny.
        And how do I fold so all the sheets are folded same angle ?

  156. Hi!
    I cannot seem to download photoshop onto my computer for capacity reasons. I would love to have the pdf.
    I have been doing research for weeks on how to get this done. Any info would help !
    I want to spell out “you & me”…any advise..? photoshop will not load on my computer, how can i create the grid ?
    Thanks a bunch!

  157. I am so amazed at your talent AND your generosity at making it available to us ! Thank you so much for making the tutos.
    If you have the time, I would love to get the patterns for LOVE, the Heart & any others that you have available. I want to make all of them as gifts for Christmas.
    I’ve never used PDF and know it will take a lot of time to master it to make the books.
    Thank you!

  158. I really think your book folding projects are beautiful but I am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to figure out a pattern and just how to get started.
    I would really appreciate some helpful advice
    Thank you

    • I would like to help you, but tell me where do you have problem ? Which step ?
      Help with Photoshop or for general understanding ?

  159. um havin some issues…I’ve downloaded photoshop and follow ur directions but fir some reason I can’t get it to work right not sure if its cuz its a different version or what but its drivin me nuts. I wanna be able to do this any suggestions?

    • Sorry but as I’m not english it’s hard to read your comment… please use a classic english ;-)
      Though I understood you’re having troubles with Photoshop but can’t help you : what is the trouble !! ??

    • I got the free download of Photoshop, but I don’t understand how to use it.
      The letters are to small then when I make layers for each letter I can’t get them back. They just disappear. I don’t get it.
      Maybe I need to take a class on Photoshop. :-(

      • When you choose the text tool, in the top you have the font family, the font style and then the font size. So you can make bigger letter.
        For the layers I think it’s because you don’t have the right window on the left side. Click the window menu and check layers (or F7 shortcode).
        You’re lucky, you are english : most of the Photoshop tutos are in english ! Google is your friend ;-)

  160. WOW ! I want to make the LOVE one, but I don’t understand.
    Can you please send it to me.
    You are so talented. Thank you for your time,

  161. I would love for you to send me any book folding patterns that you don’t mind sharing.
    You are ever so talented !!! I will provide my mailing address if you don’t mind sharing.
    Thanks so much!

    • Sure I don’t mind sharing : that’s why I created my website ;-)
      I love sharing, but patterns are still my property, no commercial use and if you use don’t forget to credit me !

  162. I want to thank you for sending me the Heart, Bear and Love patterns. I have done the heart twice and have given one away for a wedding present.
    I am enjoying book folding and have some ideas that I would like to create.
    At this time I am unable to download Photoshop because my OS is old. I am looking for an older version.
    I have been reading your instructions and am trying to figure out how to do it on graph paper. Does 1 pixel = 1 square? If so I am thinking I will need a lot of graph paper.
    I am hoping to have this figured out before Oct 1. I am going on a trip and this will fill my travel time perfectly.

  163. Is there any way you could send me pictures of what the folds look like on the first two pages ?
    Want to make sure I’m doing it right.

  164. I would love to have a pattern of a heart and the love. I tried to download a copy of photoshop but my OS is not current enough.
    Thank you in advance,

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