Topsy cake

Gateau Tordu 1
This year no idea for my daughter’s birthday cake…
Then I saw on the web the topsy cake.

As usual a queen of sheba cake and homemade marzipan.

Gateau Tordu 2Gateau Tordu 3
A first cake into my pan stretched to 25 cm diameter.

And a second one, pan stretched to 16 cm diameter (the minimum size).

Gateau Tordu 4Gateau Tordu 5
Diagonally slice the top of cakes.
Turn it 180° and put it back on the bottom.

As queen of sheba is a non overcooked cake, the two pieces stick by themselves.
For another cake recipe, spread cream, fruit purée or nutella on the bottom.

Gateau Tordu 6
Cut into the large cake (size of the small one).

Gateau Tordu 1Gateau Tordu 7Gateau Tordu 8
Separately decorate the two cakes.
Put the small cake on the large one.

Everyone enjoyed its funny look.

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