“Merci” folded book

The title of this book “Health rays” was a good allusion for those I folded this book.
A thank costs nothing and makes happy!

It’s the way to show gratitude for a word or a gesture of support.

All the calculations are done, but notice :
– the design is 12 cm height,
– it’s made with 225 sheets.


⊕ The pattern is available on my online store! ⊕


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  1. I lost the files! Could you kindly send me the patterns for the Teddy Bear and Merci?
    I enjoy your site!
    Many Thanks

  2. Hi there, I love the Merci and would be very grateful for the pattern so I could have a go at it. Thanks again.

  3. Please could you send me the free book folding patterns. I would love to give them a try.
    Your designs are fantastic. Thank you in advance x

  4. Hi!
    Your designs are amazing!Could you send me the pattern of this Merci word. Do you have a pattern for the word ‘Read’.
    Thank you!

  5. Thank you very much for the teddybear pattern. I gave away the teddybook to my sister, she collects bears, I have never seen her so happy over a book.
    I would like to have the Merci-pattern , going to make a present to my daughter, thanking her for being my daughter.
    Thank you very much for your beatiful website.

  6. Please could you send me the free book folding patterns please I’m really keen to have a go, your work that I’ve seen on here is amazing,
    thank you for your time and keep up the good work

  7. Hi!!
    I’m a huge fan of your designs!!
    I am currently studying Visual Communication and Design, and your work is an extreme inspiration to me; thankyou!
    Could I please have the pattern for the ‘merci’, owl and dancing couple please?
    Thanks in advance :)

  8. Hello, please can you send me the merci pattern?
    And do you have a love pattern? If so could I have that too please?

  9. I would bee very happy if you would like to share this pattern to me :)
    If you happen to have a pattern for love I´m realy interested in putting it in to my hands too :)
    Thanks ahead and Have a lovely day!

  10. Flott. Sender du meg oppskrifter…. har laget ett hjerte, men vil prøve mer..
    (Can you send me how to make it)

  11. That looks amazing! I would like to try it if you would please email me the pattern
    The MERCI book one
    Thank you

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