“M CHAT” sticker

StickerMChat 01
I wanted to change the sticker on my daughter’s computer.

She  loves Thoma Vuille’s M CHAT (mister cat) and I love the challenge ⇒ I have to make a 3 layers sticker…

StickerMChat02 StickerMChat03
Start by the black silhouette, then white shapes and finish with the yellow shape.
I used my window as a light table to lay down correctly each color.

Oops, I forgot to trim the white area between the back and the tail and to substract the same area from the yellow shape.
Fortunately, I have realized it before putting the sticker onto the computer, so I could remove it with a craft knife.

Ask me for the SST files, I send them for free (errors corrected of course ;-) ).

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