Laptop stickers

sticker ordinateur 01
I’m always looking for an idea to have fun with use my Cameo Silhouette. I offered my son to make a sticker for his computer :

“Good idea ! I want a geometrical one, like a optical illusion”…

…I have a doubt : my son likes double dare me or he trusts in me a lot ?

I took up the challenge.
My only trouble was to take the picture with the reflection.
The result is good and my son is happy.

sticker ordinateur 02sticker ordinateur 03
Looking at this sticker, my love wanted one for his computer.
As it’s a professional computer, the sticker must be discreet.

An holographic vinyl apple and an HP becomes a mac.
Having a close look, you can even see pixels.

sticker ordinateur 04
Our district council lends a computer to every secondary school student.
So my daughter has her own :
“I am kind, you will have fun : I want a New York skyline !”.

It was the end of my black vinyl and I made a unfortunated cut on the skyscraper on the right, grrr.
Even though she wanted to stick it.

And me ?
I have a textured computer and nothing can stick on it :cry:

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