Decorated Tshirt

Tshirt 01
After the pillows decorated with transfer paper, the Tshirt decorated with fabric paint.

No doubt for the picture : I’m a cat lover.

Tshirt 02
Supplies :

– a Tshirt,
– Freezer Paper,
– fabric paint,
– a piece of foam.

Tshirt 03
Thanks to my Cameo wich make super-accurate cuts.

Iron the Freezer Paper onto your Tshirt (display steam).

Tshirt 04Tshirt 05
To make my brush, I took a photographic film box (remember, before the digital camera) and fixed some foam on the top.

Dab paint onto the Tshirt.
If there isn’t enough paint on an area, dab some more.

Tshirt 06
Peel the Freezer Paper.
Incredible : no smudge and every detail is there.

Dry flat for 24 hours.

(design by Patjila).

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