Funny laundry bag

The ellipse of my previous post was for the bottom of this laundry bag.

Our second bird has left the nest :cry:
Fortunately our daughter is not far but her first year of medical studies doesn’t allow her time for daily stains. This laundry bag is full of what I have to wash (I don’t see her when I go to her student room).

I did not resist and added a humoristic deco ;-)

First manual craft since 5 months, I often forgot to use the camera. This will not be a step by step tutorial.

The perimeter of an ellipse requires a complicated calculation, so I recommend you the empirical method : pin a rectangle on your ellipse to determine the size of your piece of fabric (remember to add seam allowances).

The outside is a heavy canvas for having a stand tall bag, the inside is cotton.

Close the rectangle by a seam and sew it around the ellipse (both right sides together). The cotton bag is 1cm smaller.
Sew the two bags together wrong sides together. The first cuff is sewn to help the bag standing tall, the second one is just folded to make the bag not too big but expandable (note my homemade label sewn in the cotton part).

2 matching handles (at this time my sewing machine went mad in thread tension :-( ).

Last step, the flex made with the Cameo. I always fixed it at the end to centered it.

Tip : I emailed a flex seller to obtain samples and I received 10 free A4 sheets of various flex, included this beautiful textured silver :-)

I email the SST pattern file on request.
(“Instructions de lavage” = Washing instructions / “Maman” = Mum)

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