End of year bal

Bal 01Masque 01
It’s already the end of the school year, and it was the high school bal for my daughter. The theme this year was “bal masqué”.

It’s not the most graceful pose, but I was in a hurry while taking photos and it’s the one in which the dress I sewed is the nicer ;-)

Furnitures for the mask :
– tulle,
– stick of fabric paint,
– clinging film.

Masque 02Masque 03
Put your mask pattern onto a flat surface.

Lay your clinging film (without stretching it!), without fold and tape it.

Masque 04Masque 05
Last lay the tulle.

It must be without fold and has to be flat in order to touch the clinging film everywhere.

Masque 06
Paint onto the tulle following your pattern.

Let dry 24 hours.

Masque 07
Now cut eyes holes and all around your mask and sew an elastic.

The second mask was for a friend of my daughter.
I advise against making 2 masks at a time : the tulle isn’t well fixed between the two patterns, I had to start all again :evil:
Then I didn’t have enough paint for the second mask, I am so sorry Laulo…

Original tuto : Sprinkles in spring.

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