Compartmented jewelry pouch

Aumoniere 01
My first jewelry pouch was simple and unsewed.

With its 9 compartments, this pouch is ideal when travelling.

Aumoniere 02
Make 3 circle templates : 30 cm, 20 cm and 7 cm diameter.

Cut your fabric :
– big circle : one in a nice fabric for the pouch outside and one in a unprint fabric,
– medium circle : 2 times in the unprint fabric.

The small circle is used later.

Aumoniere 05
For this step I forgot to take a photo.

Fold your nice fabric big circle in two.
Sew a buttonhole at 4 cm from the both edges.
(on the photo you may also see the following step…).

Aumoniere 03Aumoniere 04
Take your both big circles, right sides facing, and sew all around leaving a opening for turning.
Clip seam allowances all around and turn.
In order to close the opening and to have a nice rendering, I have sewed all around near the edge.

Do the same for the medium circles.

Aumoniere 06
The drawstring channel :

Make a first sew starting from the bottom of your first buttonhole (you should sew through the second buttonhole bottom…).
Make a second sew starting from the top of your first buttonhole (you should sew through the second buttonhole top !).

Aumoniere 07
The compartments :

Overlap the big and medium circle and pin the small template (all must be concentric !).
Sew all the layers around the template.

Aumoniere 08
Mark the 8 compartments (45 °).
Sew all the layers on these marks (not over the medium circle neither the small one).

Aumoniere 09
Insert ribbons in the drawstring channel.

Making 2 buttonholes enable to easily close the pouch by pulling ribbons on the both side together.

Aumoniere 10Aumoniere 11
Et voilà !

Jewels are well ordered !

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