Colored tissue box

Boite mouchoirs 01
I grew tired of my first tissue box.

Technic, material and style, I changed everything .

Boite mouchoirs 02
Now, you should know my attraction to geometrical objects…

When I was happy with my design, I cutted my cardboard.

Boite mouchoirs 03Boite mouchoirs 04
Gummed kraft tape is very useful for part assembly.

No, my box is not twisted, but I didn’t put my kraft tape straight !

A side view to show you the closing part.

Boite mouchoirs 05Boite mouchoirs 06
Some bristol board to obtain flat surfaces.

I took a stroll through my vinyl drawer and I chose the purple one (like my website ;-) ).

Boite mouchoirs 01Boite mouchoirs 07Boite mouchoirs 08
Finally, I used all the colors I have…

Standing, laying or on the side, I love its design and colors.

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