How to sew flat curves

Couture arrondie 01
Usually sewing curves is to make volumes like sleeves.

But you can sew flat curves !

Couture arrondie 02
I advise you to use a cutting mat.

Overlay your two fabrics, wrong sides up.
(Bad photo, my grey one is under, you can see it on the right…).

Draw your curve.
(As you are on the wrong side, as I did, you can modify your line).

Couture arrondie 03Couture arrondie 04
With a rotary cutter, cut your fabrics together.

Take off the right piece of the first fabric and the left piece of the second one.
You should obtain two shapes which coincide.

Turn your fabrics right sides facing.

Mark some points with pins.

Couture arrondie 05
Use the needle stop down function if you can.

Forget you are sewing curves !
You have to sew straight.

Moving gently your fabrics (don’t stretch them !), put the edges together and sew slowly.

To avoid folds, don’t try to sew too quickly !

Couture arrondie 01
Et voilà ! Iron your seam to the side, no need to clip it !

Warning : even if you sew carefully, at the end your fabrics could be crooked.
Provide a bigger size at the start.

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