“2014” folded book pattern

Great thanks to Sonia who send me her “2014” pattern.

Notice :
– the 2014 is 5.5 cm high,
– it is made with 148 sheets.

“I send you my pattern for 2014. I agree to share it”.

Sonia “2014” folded book pattern

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  1. Brill site thank you so much for letting me use the pattern has I’m just starting out this helps me loads x

  2. I would like to fold 3 books for 3 special people. Maddie, Katie,& 83113.
    I do not know how many folds I need or the size of the books. If you could assist me I would truly appreciate.
    Thank you

    • I advise you :
      – to take book with at least 250 sheets and not too high (20/22 cm),
      – as you have “i” and “1” you should work with italic fonts.
      Enjoy folding ;-)

  3. I made this for my little brothers high school graduation. He loved it! He was surprised to see how well made and what a thoughtful gift it was!
    Thankyou so much for the pattern!

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