Threads and bobbins finally organized

porte-bobines-01Once upon a time, there was a little girl having fun sorting her mom’s thread spools. But the little girl grew up, and she doesn’t have any more fun with that…

There are boxes for bobbins (unusual, see HERE) or spools but I want both to be stored together!

I removed a background drawer of my Ikea Alex column.

I cut two pieces of cushion corner angle, corresponding to my drawer’s length.

I cut 5 pieces in dowel, corresponding to my drawer’s width.

I drill 5 holes in each cushion corner angle to insert the dowel parts.

It’s adjusted on the drawer frame!

Hooks are made with wire twisted around the dowel.

The holders are made with a thicker wire.
The shape can’t be more simple.

Et voilà!

The most attentive may have noticed that my drawer stretched. At the start I was too optimistic by choosing a shallow drawer. Luckily my Ikea column has two different drawer heights!

Now I need to find a sewing project to test my new storage…

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