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Having nice business cards is easy, but find them intact through the handbag mess is a challenge.

You know me, whenever I can I recycle : using my son’s 20th years cake box!
It’s an enough strong cardboard and my baker had the good idea to choose a nice textured one.

Made of a single piece of cardboard and two glue lines, it can’t be easier.
A piece of purple adhesive on the inside flap makes it very chic.
My business cards are protected, I can find them quickly … and I think about my son.

Select your pastry based on its cake boxe !
(european standard format : 8.5cm x 5.5cm)

You are afraid that it breaks too fast?
Make your business cards holder in an old plastic binder cover!

You should be able to find a damaged one in your drawer (or your children’s drawer…).
This one dates from my daughter’s “little flowers” period.

Print and cut my pattern.
Tape the pattern onto the plastic cover.
Cut around, don’t forget the slit for closing the cards holder.

Fold on dotted lines (plastic will whiten, this is normal).
Put double-sided tape on “Glue” areas.

Et voilà, a solid business cards holder!

Ask me for the pattern, I email it for free on request.
Send me a pic!

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    • The format is adapted to the European standard: 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm
      Modify the pattern if your cards do not have this format

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