Phoenix flex decal

My daughter : – Mom, I want this picture on my laptop cover!
Me : – uh, it’s so thin I do not know if I can…
My daughter : – I know you are wonderful, you’ll find a solution!

I tried to cut a stencil in freezer paper to make the pic with fabric paint.
After 4 attempts I had to give up : the freezer paper didn’t stick well on the cover texture.

Digging through my drawers I found a golden flex sheet.
I made a test by fixing a small star under the cover flap (not visible if it didn’t stick).
I made the cut with my Cameo, fingers crossed because I had only one sheet.

This machine is really amazing!
It was my first flex and as the pic was thin, I was afraid about the excess flex peel off (the features are 1mm) but everything worked fine.

Close-up, we see that the flex sticked well and took the texture of the cover. It looks like gilding…

– I was confident that you will succeed! My brother is right, when we challenge you, you never give up... (see HERE, HERE and HERE)
– …
(the worst is that she is right ;-) ).

On request I email you the Silhouette Studio file.

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