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Sunset cake

Though it was my son’s birthday, I wanted to try something : shaded almond paste…

I prepared homemade marzipan (recipe HERE).

I was happy to succeed but the cake was still… undone.

I called on my daughter for help. She turned the cake and said : “you’ve got a sunset !”.

Thanks my darling.
Melted chocolate for the sun, birds and waves (I admit, she suggested a dolphin jumping in front of the sun… there’s not).

I had this idea because of polymer clay.

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  • cindy

    08 Apr 2012

    Un grand wow, c’est super beau, je me suis mise depuis peu à l’art culinaire (le cri de Munch et l’étrange noel de monsieur jack version cheese cake, voir mon blog) et je suis bluffée; incroyable :)

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