BN birthday cake

In France, for snack time, children often eats “BN biscuits” and the small “mini BN“. It has the same size as an Oreo.
Even if my daughter is quite old (19), I found funny to make such a birthday cake.

As usual, a cake queen of Sheba and homemade marzipan.

After letting cool the cake , I pour raspberries jelly (400 g frozen raspberrries for 3 1/2 sheets of gelatin, but I don’t pour all my jelly).

Place in the fridge to set.

Notching all around the cake with my christmas tree shortbread cookie cutter (exactly the shape and size I was looking for).

With a knife, I cut the shapes’ edges to make smooth curves (and so the marzipan won’t crack).

The little falls are the baker’s appointement :-P

Cutting the face shape in marzipan.
See HERE tips how to spread the marzipan and place it on the cake.

For marzipan with an uniform chocolate color, mix the cocoa powder with almond powder and icing sugar before adding the water.
For a granita effect (as HERE), mix the cocoa powder after the marzipan crystallization.


I gently mold my marzipan with a wooden skewer to form BN’s “ears”.
Some marks to accentuate the wink and form the nose.

Et voilà, a giant mini BN !!

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