Rubik’s cube cake

Looking at these pictures makes me furious.
All the same, I show you this cake made for my daughter’s birthday (she loves this devilish cube).

For the first time I made marshmallow fondant :
Good : texture is pleasant and food colororing is more homogeneous than in the almond paste.
Bad : needs to be warmed to become smooth but it also becomes sticky ! and if you add too much icing sugar it becomes stiff…

As usual, my cake is a Queen of sheba.

Let’s make mathematics : I calculated my cake pan volume and made 3 squares cake pans (piled up, they make a cube).

I stapled parchment paper and add bristol paper outside (to provide collapse).

Good surprise : when the cakes were cool, they were flat.


Here the problems began (I admit, I was near to give up. I am fussy and I hate making bad work).
Third face I found the tip : add a lot of icing sugar and after wipe it with water to recover the color.
Too late, I had no more time for chocolate lines.
Result : a dirty cake but my daughter was happy (thank you my darling, you are kind).

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