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Valentine day cake

Gateau Coeur 2
With my love, we never celebrate the Valentine’s day (we say it’s florist day…).

But I had glucose syrup and wanted to try homemade fondant.

Gateau Coeur 1
I thought it will be easier than the marshmallow fondant and I was… wrong.

I made a nice and softy sugarpaste though I went through hell rolling it (sticky or crumbly).

So, I took as important decision : admire those who master and return to my homemade marzipan (which I master !).

liebe : Deutch
love : English
الحب : Arabic
amor : Spanish / Portuguese
lempi : Finnish
ερωταζ : Greek (modern)
אהוב : Hebrew
ラブ : Japanese
liefde : Dutch
dragoste: Rumanian
любовь : Russian
kärlek : Swedish
çevir: Turkish
and of course AMOUR : French !!

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  • Ghislaine

    15 Feb 2012

    Super tes gâteaux. Je ne suis pas une bonne patissière.


      15 Feb 2012

      C’est ce que je disais il y a quelques années (pour le salé aussi). Ma mère en était désespérée…
      Il faut se lancer !!

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