“Marc” folded book pattern

As Serge told me wich font he used for his “Marie” folded book pattern, it was easy to modify it to write “Marc”.

Notice :
– the design is 9 cm height,
– it is made with 268 sheets.

I made this change for Michelle.
I have finished the “Marc” book, great thanks. I send you a photo of it.

“Marc” folded book pattern (cooperation between Serge and Faitmain-Faitcoeur ;-) ).

You download the pattern ?
Please leave a comment to show you thank for sharing.


Measure your book sheets height, subtract the pattern heigh and divide the result by 2. Add this result to all marks. Count your book number of sheets, subtract the pattern number of sheets and divide the result by 2. The result tells you on which sheet you should start your folding.

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  1. I just got married in September…and this is my husbands name. I would love to surprise him! I am going to print out this book pattern and then upload the finished product.
    Many thanks for the free template and instructions!
    Much appreciated. With Gratitude,

    • That will be a nice handmade-heartmade gift !
      A wedding in September will be a happy life wedding, I know what I am talking about ;-)

    • This font is “Cooper Black”.
      I don’t have a favorite one, but I use bold font to have enough thickness.

  2. Merci beaucoup for the “Marc” pattern. As it is the name of my boyfriend I was more than excited that you shared it.

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