“Butterfly” folded book pattern

Great thanks to Serge who send me his “butterfly” photoshop file.

Notice :
– the butterfly is 13,7 cm high,
– it is made with 230 sheets.

I have found my butterfly photoshop pattern, hope you could use it“.

I took the time to calculate marks and there is the butterfly folded book pattern.

You upload the pattern ?
Please leave a comment to show you thank for sharing.


Measure your book sheets height, subtract the pattern heigh and divide the result by 2. Add this result to all marks. Count your book number of sheets, subtract the pattern number of sheets and divide the result by 2. The result tells you on which sheet you should start your folding.

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  1. Thank you so much for the pattern for the butterfly. But I am having some problem with it. You have the upper marks as 10 cm. This does not seem to be working. Should it be 1.10 cm? Looking at Sheets at 12:00 through 24 on your pattern. Is what I’m talking about

    • I can assure you there is no mistake in the pattern, it has been done at least 150 times…
      I am not sure to understand your question, there is no 10 cm upper mark in this pattern.
      I guess you are trouble with the comas (used in France for decimals), read them as a point and take a look at the instructions HERE.
      Do not hesitate to ask me any question.

  2. Thanks for the pattern. Just getting into this art form and was looking for a butterfly to make for my daughter. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks again

  3. I am so pleased that you call it ‘sheets’ rather than ‘Page’ because being numbered on both sides, pages become very confusing – so well done for that.

  4. Thank you so very much for sharing. This will be my second project in book folding. I’m looking forward to making many more. Thanks again.

  5. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have done the heart as I am sure many of us have and was so delighted with the results.
    Your up next with many more to come I hope. Your are sharing your talents with others who may not have found this art form if not for you generosity.
    Keep enjoying your gift

    • It’s the motto of my website: sharing ;-)
      You can find more than 20 free patterns, click on the “folded book” tag in the right sidebar.
      Don’t forget to discover all the other craft projects…

  6. would like the butterfly with directions, however my computer would not allow me to upload or open file

  7. Thank you for your patterns. I have a question is 0,35 cm the same as 0.4 cm or 0.3 cm? Sorry i am confused.

  8. I tried to upload the butterfly pattern, but nothing happened. What am I doing wrong? Please leave me a reply because I would love to make this.
    Thank you,

    • I made a try and the link is not broken…
      Clicking on “butterfly folded book pattern” should lead you to the English PDF page.
      Do not hesitate to ask me again if you don’t reach to this page.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I’m just learning book folding but I love them and hope I can recreate the images. Thanks again for being so generous.

  10. I have printed the pattern for the butterfly but the measurements are hard to work out as I have been using mm and sure about the cm eg o.85 can you help Thankyou

    • It’s because you hadn’t read the F.A.Q. at the end of the post! :-P
      The pattern is given without margin up and down, you have to read the F.A.Q. ;-)
      If after having read it you still have confusion, I will help you.

  11. I tried the cat but because of the tine measurements for example 12.24 it did not work out. will try the butterfly

  12. I have just learned about book folding and am really interested in learning how to make these. However, I don’t even know where to begin. Could you please tell me where to find some information on how to get started, and is there a free pattern with instructions somewhere, so I can try it?
    Thank You

    • There is a F.A.Q. at the end of the post! :-P
      There are 19 free patterns on my website + instructions + tips. Click on the topmenu tab or on the tag on the right sidebar

    • As I am French, I would make mistakes using inches. And it’s not enough accurate to create smooth curves.

  13. Thanks for sharing the butterfly pattern. It will be my first time at book folding and this butterfly looks very effective.

  14. Hi there first time book folder long time admirer :)
    Just wondering when it’s written for example 2,50 upper mark it’s that 2.50cm just need to make sure before I start this … Thanking you kindly

  15. Thankyou for putting this on I have also tried your dog and enjoyed doing it so am sure I will enjoy this one to

  16. Hi love these book designs. I’m eager to try… quick question … when it says on the butterfly for example 230 sheets does that mean you need at least 230 pages in a book?

    • One sheet is made with 2 pages !
      So for the butterfly you will need a 460 pages book (but count all the sheets, even the non-numbered ones).

  17. Hi there,
    Would it be possible to let me have some instructions and the pattern for the butterfly card. It looks amazing and would like to have a go.
    Many thanks

    • You are on the right post to download the pattern for the butterfly folded book !
      Click on the link next to the Adobe pic.

  18. Thank you for the pattern I am new to book folding and very much looking forward to trying this pattern.

  19. Thank you for sharing the butterfly pattern. I am new to book folding so fingers crossed it turns out like your pattern. If you make the folds at 90 degrees instead of the vanishing point what difference does it make?

    • The vanishing point makes the book more open.
      So if you fold at 90° one of my patterns, your design will be less wide, so distorted.

  20. would love the owl and butterfly if possible as would love to try not offten to get some thing for free n yr design r fabulous xx

    • You are on the right page to download the Butterfly pattern…
      Click on the “Folded book” tag on the right sidebar or on the “Folded book” tab under the banner to find all the patterns availables.

  21. This will be my first attempt at book folding. Thank you so much for the free pattern, I have chosen the butterfly.

  22. Thank you for allowing the download of this pattern. This will be my first attempt at book folding, so wish me luck.

  23. Hi I am new to the art of bookfolding and have only completed a few, the ones I have completed only go to 1 decimal place, can I complete this pattern by rounding the numbers up/down?
    Thanks for the free patterns what a kind person x

    • Rounding to the 2nd decimal allows nicer shape.
      As it’s rounded to the nearest 0.05cm, you just mark between two mm lines… but you can round to the first decimal if you prefer ;-)

  24. I don’t understand the meaning of ‘sheets’. I’m using a book with 502 pages. Can someone please explain this to me as I have done one of these books and would love to try.
    Thank you you are all very talented!!

    • A book is numbered by pages but it’s made of sheets. 1 sheet = 2 pages.
      If your book is made of 502 pages (did you count the first and last pages not numbered?) you can use a pattern up to 256 sheets.

  25. Merci beaucoup pour le patron! This one is definitely one of my favourites that I have made so far based off of patterns from your website. I really appreciate you posting your patterns for free :)

  26. Tack för att jag fått ta del av mönstret. =)
    (Thank you for inviting me to take part of the pattern)

  27. Sorry, i live in Germany and my English and French are not good.
    I folded the butterfly and gave it to the 50.birthday of my best friend. He was so happy.
    Thank you for the pattern!!!!!!
    Do you have a pattern for a star and are so kind to share it with others? It would be a great present for christmas.

    • I won’t able to mark your English but it sounds good to me ;-)
      All my patterns are shared on my website but if you want a specific one you can order it on my online shop.

      • Hi I am hoping to start the butterfly fold but don’t want to start untill I am clear on something… could you help please.. in your instructions/pattern it states at sheet 116 that it is half made and now raising ? what does this mean please ? many thanks for sharing xxx

        • The marks are given for all the sheets.
          But if you take a closer look, you will see that sheet 116 = sheet 115 / sheet 117 = sheet 114 / sheet 118 = sheet 113 and so on until the end (sheet 230 = sheet 1).

    • I know my English can be a little “strange”, but as you are american why are you using language translator on my English posts?

  28. What do the measurements mean like the hight And width of book and number of pages ?
    Your instructions are confusing.

    • Had you look a bit further ? Like the F.A.Q. ?
      Or the post “Instructions for folded book patterns” ? I can’t read it for you…
      Notice that I am the only one on the web – whatever the language – to share my tuto and patterns for FREE, I think I am kind but don’t be too demanding : READ MY POSTS… and you will find by yourself

  29. Can you please explain me why the pattern of the butterfly starts so high on the page, some of the foldings have to start at 0,10 cm from the top of the page… this is almost impossible…
    Can I add 4cm to each measure so the butterfly will start at 5,1 cm from the top of the page?

    • – Take the book sheet high (ie 18 cm),
      – substract the butterfly high (ie 18-13,7),
      – divide this number by two (ie 2,2),
      – add it to all “upper marks”.
      I gave the butterfly dimension to easily adapt it to your book size.

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