Colors pillows

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When I presented to you my workroom, I talked about pillows on the sofa.

I bought 6 in a store which was selling off it’s stock.
But no choice for colors.

After one year thinking, I had got an idea and they are unrecognizable.

I sew the 6 covers.
(Nice rendering for the zip with this tuto)

(In France) your can find two kinds of transfer paper :
– for light fabric,
– for dark fabric.

Test them !
It depends also on your picture.
(beside, the same picture with light fabric transfer paper & dark fabric transfer paper).

For both, you must wash your fabric before !

Tranfer for light fabric :

A transparent plastic film is sticked on a carrier sheet.
As your printer doesn’t get white ink, light areas won’t be print. You will see your fabric through the plastic film.

Print your picture on the transfer paper (white side) in mirror mode.

Iron your fabric.

To help position, I made a paper template.

Place your transfer (design onto the fabric) and press with your iron, steam off, on a flat surface.

The manufacturer says 20 seconds but I think it’s too much (as I said, make tests !).

If you peel off when the transfer is hot you will obtain a matt effect (but there is a risk of damage).
If you peel off when the transfer is cold  you will obtain a satin effect (carrier sheet removes easily).

Tranfer for dark fabric :

A white plastic film is sticked on a carrier sheet.
In fact, it’s more a hotfix sticker.

Print your picture on the transfer paper (white side).
Peel of the plastic film.

Place your transfer on the fabric, right side in front of you.

Cover with parchment paper and press with your iron, steam off, on a flat surface.

I  love those 3.
You can see the big picture behind the letters.

I made the letters with Photoshop.

I can send you my files for free.
The rose and the blue match for english… but you can have french pillows !!

Notice : pillows are 40 cm x 40 cm and each letter is 14 cm x 14 cm.

coussins 16-en
So, now I have to find an idea to cover the sofa… see you next year ! ;-)

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