Edible dyed eggs

Easier than engraved egg and easily achievable by children.

The eggs are edible!

Cook boiled eggs.
To cool faster, soak them in cold water before putting them in the fridge (children are always in a hurry!).

Paste stickers or pieces of vinyl.
Do not make too big shapes so that they fit tightly to the egg.

Dilute food coloring in water.

Soak the eggs 2 hours
(approximately, depending on your dye concentration).

Remove the eggs and dry them in paper towels.

Egg shells are porous and crystals formed, the dye is not uniform.
Look at the pretty pointillism of the green egg.

Paste stickers shifting them compared to the first bath.
Soak for 2 hours in a different color.

An Easter method of learning the complementary colors.

If you have used food coloring, you can eat the eggs.
You will have a surprise peeling them ;-)

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