Another auto document holder

After the minimalist car document holder (HERE), here’s a second more complete model which includes the registration card, the driver’s license and the green insurance card.

Despite 30 pics (yes, I counted) I didn’t succeed in showing you the multicolored holographic glitters of my coated fabric.
Trust me, it’s very nice …

Using coated fabric avoids overcasting or excessive thickness and provides good resistance to the holder.
Beware if you want to use leather or skaï : there are 4 outdoor fabric layers + 3 lining layers.

Overcast the 3 lining pieces.
Report marks for transparencies and “Middle” ones.
Mark the folds of the coated fabric pieces.

Overlap the 3 “green card” pieces.
Sew over the three sides by folding the coated fabric (sew a double stitch if you want).

Do the same for the “driving license” pieces.
For the “registration card” sew only the three sides (don’t sew the left side).

Align the “Middle” marks. The 3 overcasted edges are overlapped.

Sew the last flap which cover all the layers.

Slide your papers under transparents and you’ll get your complete car papers holder.

Ask me the pattern, I send it for free via email.

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