Ideas notebook

Before creating, I like scribble to know where I’m going
(after I often take a different direction than what I had set out…).

I prefer to buy a simple spiral notebook and customize it in an ideas notebook.
“Many ideas in the head”

I covered a piece of cereal box with black vinyl and I cut the pattern with my Cameo.
I cut again the pattern in a second piece of the cereal box and glued the two overlapped.

Thanks to the precision of the machine, the two sides fit perfectly!

Using delicacy, remove the cover from the metal spiral (be careful, don’t wring it).
I covered it with the same black vinyl and I cut all the holes with a cutter.

A piece of yellow vinyl and of grey vinyl for the bulb background.
In white vinyl (vinyl for whiteboard) I cut once more the pattern with a slight internal offset. The piece suits the bottom and right edges to be well positioned!

Too bad, the pic crushes the letters and bulb relief :-(

Et voilà, a book that should inspire me lots of new ideas … to share with you!

The cuts of the Cameo are extremely accurate.
You can customize another notebook with them, the pattern will be with an embossing effect.

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