Self-motivation Tshirt

TShirt She Did 01
For my niece who doubt herself once she has an exam.

I wrote it in English, because it has more impact than in French.

TShirt She Did 02TShirt She Did 03
Until now I never had problem with the freezer paper.
But this time when I peeled it of, thin layers remain glued…

I haven’t found why, I’ll have to make new tries (great excuse ;-) ).

For the technique it’s HERE.

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  1. I’m not sure if it has been mentioned before, as I can’t read/speak French, yet I use it with quilting patterns. I iron on the shape I want to use, cut out 1/4th of an inch from the edge, turn the edge under and applique it on the fabric. I haven’t had any trouble with the freezer paper coming off, usually it tends to come off faster then I’d like, so I need to pin it on to stay. I don’t know if I’m using a different brand/type of freezer paper, yet you could try placing the garment in the freezer and see if that loosens it. I know that gum is removed easier when frozen. Just a thought….. Hope it helps!

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