Powerstrip cover

I fixed a powerstrip under my desk, but it’s not ergonomic for devices that I regularly connect (laptop, sewing machine …).

With this box, I’m not ashamed to display a powerstrip on my desk and no contortion to use it ;-)

A powerstrip and cardboard.

I don’t give the pattern but don’t hesitate to ask me if you have the same strip (but I doubt that it exists elsewhere than in France…).

Assembly of the different parts with kraft tapes.

More and more packaging include mini-magnets. Keep them, they can still serve!

A piece of fabric glued with Mod Podge and double-sided tape to fix the powerstrip in the box.

My design powerstrip cover has found its place on my desk.

With only one hand I lift the cover, I connect my plug and I close.

Unnoticed my laptop is charging!
And it’s as easy to unplug it :-)

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