Quick and easy pompom

Yes, it’s a pompom in process!
After the fork, let’s return to a traditional material : cardboard.

Bored to slide the ball through the small hole and to cut a new cardboard each time?
This tutorial is for you ;-)
You will be able to mass produce…

On thick cardboard, draw two concentric circles diameters 6cm and 2.5cm.
Draw a line through the center.

Keeping only the top, extend the ends on 1.5cm.
Cut the shape. Mark and fold on the dotted lines to form two tabs.

Repeat to make 4 identical shapes.

Take two shapes and wrap them with wool except on the tabs.

Repeat with the other 2 forms.

Block halves by pinching the tabs with drawing clips (you need 4 clips).

Cut the wool by inserting the scissors between the cardboard.

Slide a strand of wool and tighten to secure.

Remove the clips and pull gently to recover the 4 pieces of cardboard.

The four parts of your gauge are intact!

Trim to give it a nice round shape …

… and dive into your yarn storage to quickly make many others .

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